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Walking vs. Running: Why Walking is Better

Walking vs. Running: Why Walking is Better

Walking or running? This debate has been around for a long time, and it’s time we end once and for all.Some quarters consider running as better than walking while others support walking over running. However, one thing that is for sure is that both exercises do offer impeccable fitness and health benefits.

If you’ve been walking for a while now, there are reasons why you should continue doing it. Additionally, if you’re confused on which to settle on between walking and running, here are some reasons why you should pick walking.

It’s A Low Impact Workout

Walking unlike running puts little stress on your bones, muscles, and joints. Studies show that walking releases an impact of only 1.5 times your bodyweight which is almost one-third of the impact generated by running.

As a result, walking is always a good exercise for people struggling with weight issues or those who are experiencing joint pain.

Walking is A Good Way to Get into Exercising

Walking can be an excellent place to start if you’re getting into exercising. Besides, it offers a smooth learning curve for you to get to understand the right posture as you work towards boosting your overall fitness levels.

Helps You Burn Extra Calories

Walking allows you to set and maintain an extended duration of calorie burning intensity. Unlike running, you may end up tiring up easily. However, with walking, you can do it for a more extended period resulting in burning more amounts of excess body fat.

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Good Rehabilitation Exercise

As earlier discussed, walking is a low impact workout that doesn’t put excess pressure on your joints and bones. If you’re working yourself from an injury, you need an exercise that will help you ease your way in without aggravating the injury further.

Here walking might come in handy into helping you work on your fitness levels safely.

A Decent Active Recovery Option

Taking a brisk walk after a high-intensity training session can help you recover better and faster. Besides, you can even opt to go for a brisk walk during your rest days to help your muscles recover without running the risk of suffering from early burnout.

Walking Offers Extra Mental Health Benefits

Walking requires less energy meaning you can easily control your breathing and induce walking-meditation. Meditating while walking offers a better mind and body connection allowing you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

You Won’t Sweat Too Much

When it comes to walking, you can do it even during your lunch break while at work without having to take a shower after. Additionally, it is also an excellent warm weather training where you don’t run the risk of suffering from heat sickness.

No Need for Special Gear

Apart from shoes, you can practically walk even in your suit. But you cannot enjoy your running session in your work attire as it will curtail your movement or end up bursting open at the seams. This makes walking a very cheap and convenient workout.