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How To Cope With Anxiety

I’m just going to put it bluntly, anxiety is shit. I have dealt with it daily for over 10 years. Most of the time it isn’t bad enough to rule over my day, but those days/nights where my anxiety is so intense that I can barely catch my breath are awful. I had my first one of those creep up […]

Caketoppers Review!

I was contacted last week by the lovely people over at Caketoppers, asking me if I’d like to review two of their delightful cupcakes, with a choice of what I wanted, printed on the top. How could I say no?! After much thought about what I’d like to have printed onto my cupcakes, I decided to use and officially release my […]

Why me?

Why is it always me who has to keep her mouth shut? Why is it always me who has to be sensible? Why is it always me who takes all of the shit? Why is it always me that never gets an apology? Why is it always me who has to take control? Because I’m Mum. I’m the Mrs. I’m […]

Dear Dinky..

Dear Dinky, I doubt you will ever read this, but I love you. I love the way you kiss my cheek when you’ve been naughty. I love the way you can never be still, even though I know it’s more frustrating for you than it is for anyone else. I love how every morning regardless of how you feel, you […]