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3 Reasons Why I Should Hire a Professional for Tree Removal or Cutting Back

3 Reasons Why I Should Hire a Professional for Tree Removal or Cutting Back

We have no reason to risk life and limb dealing with a tall tree, or any tree when there are professional arborists that we can call to tackle the job on our behalf. An arborist is another name for a tree surgeon and can help us whether we require a tree cutting back or to be completely removed. A company offering this service can be found at https://kiwitreelopping.com.au.

So, let’s look at the reasons why we should not tackle tree pruning ourselves.

green-leafed tree at daytime


Trees when they grow tall are responsible for taking our light away. This might be a reason to cut them back or remove them and grow something that is going to be more manageable over time. Perhaps a bush rather than a tree. Neighbours are likely to complain if you are taking away their light, too. So, to be a friend to everyone, we need to manage our trees and maintain the light at all times. Re-planting something else in the tree’s place will keep our planet happy.

Sake of Our Property

Tree roots can damage property, so in these instances, a tree will need to be removed. It will need to have both its branches and roots dealt with to be fully taken care of. The tell-tale signs will be if a patch of concrete is cracked between a tree and the foundations of a house. It can become an insurance issue not to have dealt with the tree in time. Tree roots, where there is spread into foundations, can cause significant damage to houses. It is worth researching the different varieties of tree and the distance they should be planted away from properties not to be too close to cause a potential future problem.

Tree roots will look for water and keep growing until they find some. Certain trees that like water should therefore not be planted too close to a house because of this. If you have any tree close to your property, it is worth having a professional arborist check it out sooner rather than later. 

As a rule of thumb, tree roots will extend out 2 to 3 times from the dripline or to approximately 1 and a half times the height of the tree. Most roots will be in the top foot of soil but some will be deeper. A professional arborist can deal with the tree before it is too late to prevent major damage to your property and ends up resulting in very expensive repair bills.


Safety has two meanings when it comes to tree removal or pruning. We should bear it in mind when considering tackling a job ourselves, and when a tree poses danger to our property, ourselves, and others. We are, after all, responsible for all the trees that grow on our property. Overhanging trees are the responsibility of those who have the roots on their property.

One, even if we have a head for heights, we should employ a professional arborist or tree surgeon to remove a tree and the same when cutting a tall tree back that has got out of hand. This is partly because tree growth is a science and root structures can be difficult to remove. Also, it is a matter of safety. There is, for instance, the risk of falling off a ladder that we are not as used to climbing as a professional arborist would be, and the risk of injury from equipment such as chainsaws that are used. We really could be risking life and limb with one slip.

Two, sometimes a tree can be considered dangerous. This is because it risks falling onto a property, a road, or others. A tree can be blocking the visibility of motorists. However old a tree is, it is not always possible to protect it. They can become unsafe in high winds and so need to be removed. They can develop diseases that affect them. Trees are something to keep an eye on as much as our property itself. It is not everyone who has a garage, and we would certainly not want to see a tree made unsafe in stormy weather fall onto our car, with or without loved ones inside it. Okay, insurance will pay for the car if that is all that is damaged, but then in the future, your premiums will suffer. So, it always pays to keep a close eye on trees.

In summary, hiring a professional tree feller, or arborist, will improve our light and that of our neighbours, protect our property from harm, and prove the safest thing to do.