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3 Tips to Take the Stress Out Of Moving Home

3 Tips to Take the Stress Out Of Moving Home

Moving house is supposed to be an exciting time. You and your family get the chance to start a brand new chapter somewhere else, and you get the opportunity to make beautiful memories in your new home as soon as you arrive. However, while it’s supposed to be exciting, anyone who has ever moved will also tell you how stressful it can be. It feels as if there’s too much to do, and no time to do it. This could cause some friction, so here are 3 tips to take the stress out of moving home. 

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Plan Ahead 

From arranging cheap Sydney Ute Van Hire to getting everything packed in the right box and ready at the door, planning ahead will take a lot of the stress out of moving home. It will be even easier if you organise which boxes will go where and when they will leave, as this helps you to keep track of all of your things and ensures nothing gets left behind. 

Aside from boxing up your life and arranging for transport, you can also think about what day you want to move, the time you want to set off. If you’re going far, there’s a chance there will be traffic, and the longer you spend in traffic, the more stressed you will be. You don’t want this to happen the day of the move, so think about how long it will take to get there so you can avoid rush hour. 

Bring In Reinforcements

Nobody ever moved all by themselves, and the more reinforcements you bring in, the less stressful it will be. Whether friends, family or a bit of both, give everybody a job and make sure they stick to it. 

With so many hands helping out, there is still the chance you might get too stressed, but by making sure everyone knows what they are doing before getting started, you can (hopefully) trust them to do everything you ask them to. It will also reduce the amount of time you spend moving and will save you going back and forth.

Of course, you’ll need to treat them to something for all their hard work, so a pizza or a few beers the next time you see each other won’t go unappreciated.

Be Ruthless

Being ruthless is essential when moving house, but while it can be difficult for some people, it will always take the stress out of moving. This is especially true when downsizing, but it’s also useful for a move of any kind. 

Donating stuff you don’t use anymore means you don’t need to find a new home for it at your new property. It will reduce clutter and mess, so you can feel like you are starting anew once you step through your front door for the first time. 

The Next Chapter

Make no mistake about it; moving will still be stressful. However, if you prepare and bring in all the support you need, you can make it a little more manageable. This will allow you to relax in your new home on the first night, crack a bottle of wine, and look forward to the next chapter of your life. 

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