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4 Totally Gross Things People Have Seen At Work

4 Totally Gross Things People Have Seen At Work

Offices are supposed to be demure, professional and business-focused places. People go there to work sensibly on their computers and have polite conversations with their colleagues. 


However, there’s a difference between theory and reality. In this post, we take a look at some of the manky, gross and downright disgusting things that people have found or seen at work. Check them out below. 

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The Boss Who Tries To Fart In Private


Bosses want their workers to know that they have full control over their bowels. But, unfortunately, thanks to mother nature, that’s not always possible. Many stressed managers have to quickly skedaddle out of the room to let one rip. And, unluckily for them, their progeny isn’t always silent. 


A Poop Spoon


When you can’t quite go to the toilet at work, it can be frustrating. You have the option of either trying to suck it back in or waiting for nature to take its course, which can take a long time – not great if you have a meeting to go to. 


That’s where the poop spoon comes into play. One inventive office worker thought that she could perhaps encourage the offending article to emerge with an item of cutlery, something that a cleaner later found on the floor of the stall. 


Bogeys Where They Shouldn’t Be


Picking your nose in the office is bad form all round, but some office workers have taken it to the extreme. 

For instance, take the case of the young receptionist who took to wiping his boogers under the desk, ready for the next person to touch. He spent the majority of his day picking and flicking, but he also had a habit of wiping the occasional bogey under the table where it dried, lurking for the next member of staff to come along and touch it. 


Of course, offices don’t have to be disgusting. Commercial cleaning services generally do a good job each morning. But as these examples show, it all depends on the people you employ. Most hiring managers assume that candidates are able to maintain basic standards of hygiene around the office, but as real life proves, that’s not always the case. 


Disgusting Remains On The Toilet Windowsill


The office bathroom can sometimes be a contentious place. Hygiene-obsessed office managers can become frustrated with their colleagues’ lack of decorum and send out emails complaining about minor matters, such as a sheet of toilet paper on the floor.


Such a sequence of events occurred in one particular office, but instead of cleaning up their act, wayward staff decided to give the office manager something to really worry about. 


After another barrage of mass emails, one employee decided to go to the bathroom in a bag and leave it on the windowsill. Outraged emails then began getting sent out, communicating the horror that such a thing could occur. Later, a cup with a number two in it appeared in the bathroom, sparking yet another round of emails and outrage. It’s a lesson in PR, if nothing else. 


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