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Are Clear Masks Only Beneficial For Those With Disabilities?

Are Clear Masks Only Beneficial For Those With Disabilities?

Masks have become a necessity in our life now, but somehow they are causing hindrance in the communication process. People find it hard to understand what the other person is saying as expressions play a vital role in communication and that is sadly not possible when you wear a mask. Hence, keeping this ideology in mind the invention of the clear mask was done. But there is the confusion that they are only beneficial for people who are disabled or for everyone. Well, it’s undoubtedly beneficial for every person. 

We all need expressions to understand the words of other people and that can be possible with a face mask that has a clear panel. If you are confused with the thought that whether they are advantageous for everyone or not then please check out below points as we have penned down those who all have realized the need for clear masks. 

Companies see the need for clear masks

Companies have realized the need for clear masks as they are facing problems with the people who depend on lip reading for communication. Not only them but every individual is facing a problem. Suppose you are too busy to talk then facial expressions can make it easy to understand what the other person is trying to say. There are so many things that happen in companies that require gestures instead of words, like when you are passing by a colleague you share a smile but with masks that is not possible. 

Currently, people are working remotely and virtual meetings are the only way to stay connected with the team. Now this includes video conferencing, image descriptions and presentations, recording sessions, and many more. All this requires engagement and comprehension that can easily be done by lip-reading. But with cloth masks, this is quite not possible. Thus, the requirement of clear masks in companies has come into existence. 

Undoubtedly, it is a fact that some of us read facial expressions before moving forward with further communication. For example, facial expressions are a sign to check the mood of a person, right? So when we think about talking to our boss, we normally check twice the mood through facial expressions. This is not limited to the boss but to any person, this applies. Hence, face masks with clear panel are in demand. This mask benefits everyone as approximately 55% of communication is done non-verbal verbally and it’s a fact. Now companies are opting for this and expecting that these masks will give protection at a similar level as N95 masks that filters around 95% of particles 

During a pandemic the power of a smile is missing and hence, it demotivates the people sitting around you. Smiling is the key factor to boost your employees, show concern for colleagues, and share a gesture. Thus, a need for a clear mask is a mandate now and will be for a longer period of time.

Colleges adopt clear masks

Many colleges and universities decided to open the campuses so that students can attend the classes in-person. Now when teachers and faculties start explaining something to their students it becomes very difficult for them to understand. You know why? Because of the lip readings and facial expression. It’s a fact that students communicate with teachers through facial expressions and lip reading but that can’t be easy with cloth masks. Thus, many colleges have decided to distribute clear masks so that effective communication can take place. 

Sharing your thoughts and understanding the thoughts of your teacher requires the expressions otherwise it becomes hard to maintain that zeal and excitement in the classroom. We can not take the risk of not wearing a mask, as we need to protect ourselves as well as the people who are around us, but we can definitely take out a way to enhance communication and that way is Clear Mask. 

Are clear masks the future? 

It looks like it is- not only colleges and schools and companies but it has been recommended to hospitals as well. Because a smile can heal any patient more swiftly as compared to just medication. Clear masks are difficult to find but are gaining popularity as the usage of them is now getting more clearer. Frankly speaking, it’s easy for companies to manufacture cloth masks in bulk and hard for clear masks but still, many companies are trying hard to make them more available in the market. So that everyone can take the advantage of them. 

They can be the future as they allow smiling, effective communication, and a plus point for deaf people. We can’t forget them as they are a part of our society and deserve a solution that can make the interaction process easy for them. The visual clues of the mount are obscure through traditional masks and they even complicate the communication. So, with the help of technology and new innovations, we will see more masks that will help the people who rely on lip-reading and facial cues. 

Final Words

As long as a pandemic is developing its presence, we will not go to get free from masks, as it helps in protecting each other from this infectious disease. But really do you think that clear masks are for those who are deaf? Well, that’s not the case here, we all are suffering from communication, interaction, and facial cue issues because of masks and this problem can only get resolved through face masks with clear panels. 

Rightly said that a face shows emotion and that’s how we see the smile that can brighten up the day of any person. At this time of the pandemic, we need that power of a smile that can heal us from inside. So, make sure you wear a mask always as a precautionary measure, and people who can get the clear mask can use it and keep on spreading the smile. Others, who are unable to find them, please do not stop wearing the mask. Wear the mask and protect the people while searching for the clear panel masks.