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Capsule Closet: Pragmatic Ideas For Any Budget

Capsule Closet: Pragmatic Ideas For Any Budget

The concept of capsule closet has gained extensive popularity in recent years because it is far more practical than picking stuff randomly and not wearing things more than a few times. You save on time, money, and space and dressing becomes easier with narrower choices. Most women who choose to shrink their wardrobes claim that they love what they own and just get creative with styling to nail the best looks for all occasions. But amazing as it sounds, a capsule wardrobe is hard to build, particularly if you are a first-timer. There is a risk that you may end up spending more than you think. So here are some pragmatic ideas that you can implement to create a capsule closet for any budget.

Photo by EVG Culture from Pexels

Plan out your ideal collection

The best tip is to stay practical with wardrobe planning. Consider your lifestyle and personal style to decide the pieces that would perfectly fit your collection. Start with a list of fifteen key pieces that you will need for summer/winter, without counting the accessories. A majority of professional stylists suggest that around thirty is the right number of pieces for a capsule closet. It should have the staples in outfits and accessories. Look for colors that blend well and have some prints and patterns to break the monotony.

Have a shopping and downsizing strategy

If you want to keep things in budget, having a targeted shopping strategy is a great idea. Consider picking only one piece a month if that’s what you can afford and buy one that is the highest priority at that point in time. Making these decisions can take some time and patience but it is worth the effort. Have a downsizing plan as well because you wouldn’t want to collect too much over time. Declutter your closet periodically and get rid of stuff you don’t need. You can even sell old clothes in a yard sale and use the money to shop for new ones.

Opt for trendy yet timeless pieces 

With a budget-smart capsule wardrobe, it makes sense to invest in clothing and accessories that are timeless. Even as you want to shop the latest trends, ensure that you still opt for timeless pieces that can be worn year after year. You can check Just Fab to see what’s trending this season and decide how you can nail the timeless trends. Surely, this would take some effort but you will surely be able to save a lot, with pieces that would stay in vogue for a long time.  

Choose quality over quantity

The concept itself is all about cutting short the number of outfits and accessories you own. But when you want your closet to be money-savvy, going the extra mile with quality is essential. Quality stuff definitely lasts longer and looks good year after year, so you will end up spending less in the long run. Be judicious about the brands you choose and go through reviews every time you plan to try a new one.

Apart from following these simple measures, getting extra smart with shopping would help you secure the best in the budget. Shop from the right places at the right time and look for smart deals as well.