Top Ways to Relieve Waxing Pain


Waxing is one of the most popular methods of hair removal. Since hairs continue to grow, you cannot avoid getting them removed regularly. It can be done at home or in a salon. However, it can be painful. Here are some tips to help relieve the pain. Apply a Numbing Cream Before Waxing Before waxing, […]

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This Is How Important Magnesium Is to Your Body

Many people often forget to make magnesium a part of their daily nutrition. However, as the NIH recommends, an adult should take 350 milligrams of the mineral day at maximum. Magnesium plays a vital role in the body. They help support muscle and nerve function. Plus, it assists in the proper amount of energy production, maintains inflammatory […]

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The Tell-Tale Signs Of A Cracked Tooth

Your teeth are fairly tough, but they can still be damaged. If you crack a tooth, it’s not always obvious straight away and many people carry on without getting it seen by a dentist.  Source – Pixabay CCO License But a cracked tooth needs to be fixed straight away because if it’s not, the crack […]

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Oral Surgery – Sinus Lifting

During the preparation stage of dental implants, there has to be a thorough investigation into the suitability of the bone of the upper and lower jaw. If its volume and density are appropriate, then the implantation can continue as expected. If not, then there are a few surgical intervention options. The most common of these […]

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The Role of Oral Health in Wellbeing

Dentists applaud encouraging pro-dental behaviour like committing to routine professional checkup appointments at the dentist Navan for good reason. Patients may wonder why they should invest their time, energy and money into regular visits to their dental clinic. The reasoning is simple – looking after one’s dental health is part and parcel of looking after […]

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Making You Smile With a Full Dental Makeover

Very few people are satisfied with their appearance. Overall, they look at the newest makeup trends or how to blend the products they already have, and, if all else fails there are makeup life hacks, right? Center to all facial aesthetics is and probably always will be the mouth and teeth. And that is where […]

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