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Dear Son, You Make Me.

You make me laugh,

You make me cry,

You make me teach,

When constantly asking “why?”.


You make me better,

You make me proud,

You remind me of me,

Especially when you’re being loud.



You’re so honest,

You’re so loved,

Sometimes I honestly think

You were sent down from above.



You love your family,

You love your friends,

You’ve touched so many people’s hearts,

Especially when they need a mend.



You’re so understanding,

You’re so mature,

Even though you’re only five,

You always want to know more.


You make me clean,

You make me pure,

And I can honestly say,

I’ve never loved anyone more.





How To Deal With A Frightened Child

Today I had to deal with one of the worst things a parent can see their child go through; fear.

Dinky had an ophthalmology appointment today and although this isn’t the first time he has been to have his eyes checked, he was not happy during the whole car journey there. My Dad took us, and normally when he’s around all he can do is talk and blabber on about nothing. But today he was silent, with the odd sigh and whimper. He told us that he was bored, so we kept chatting to him to keep him occupied.

Fast forward thirty minutes into the car journey and he lets out an almighty cry, followed by projectile vomiting and hyperventilating. Luckily we were close to the hospital so we parked up and cleaned everything up. I took Dinky into the ophthalmology department to get him checked in and that’s when he confessed that he was frightened about his appointment.

Now, I could have gone about this statement in one of two ways:

  • Shrug off his fear and take him in knowing there’s nothing to be frightened of
  • Let him explain why he was frightened and then comfort his fears and encourage him that Mummy is with him and that I wouldn’t let anything happen to him

I, of course, opted for the second option. Just because I knew that he would be absolutely fine, it doesn’t mean that the fear in his head was irrelevant or untrue. He felt scared and the last thing he needed was for his fear to be shrugged off or dismissed.

When I’m feeling anxious, nobody can understand why. Not even me and that can be so frustrating for all parties involved. I can honestly say I appreciate the company of someone who doesn’t dismiss me much more than someone saying “you’ll be fine.”



This made me think about how we sometimes treat children and their fears. Why should their fears be dismissed? They are feeling scared and what they need is someone to explain things to them not just saying “oh stop being silly.”

The next time your child reacts to something unusual compared to normal, consider the fact that they might be frightened. Take the time to listen to their fears and let them know that it’s okay to feel that way sometimes, but you will be there through everything. For example, if they are scared of a monster under the bed, empathise with them, show them nothing is there and also let them know that if they need you, you will be straight in to make everything better.

Every child is different, but today really opened my eyes with Dinky and his fears. I know how he feels because I’ve felt like that before, and even though everyone told me I’d be fine, it would have been nice if I had the chance to explain why I felt so scared.

#SpeakUp #MentalHealthAwareness #NeverAlone #Autism


Birthday Gift Wishlist For A Soon To Be 6 Year Old

This post contains affiliate links. If you follow my links and purchase anything, I will receive a small commission for the sale ♥


I can’t believe my Dinky is not so small anymore! With his sixth birthday approaching, I have started to think about what to get him for his birthday. It’s not until December, but with Christmas to think about then too, I like to get his birthday gifts in nice and early so I’m not rushing around.

Being a Mum of one, I always struggle to find gifts for Dinky because I’m never sure on what to get for boys, so some of these ideas might be out there. If you’re struggling for ideas for your little one, hopefully, this wishlist will help give you some ideas on birthday gifts for your little ones too (or dare I say it, Christmas!)

  • Marvel always goes down a treat for little boys. The idea of being a superhero is super exciting. Why not consider getting them a fancy dress costume for them to race around in pretending they are their favourite superhero? You can grab one from this link here!

Official Marvel licensed Captain America fancy dress costume 5-6 years with Shield & Mask, Made for George Collection

  • Dinky loves colouring, drawing and writing at the moment. I struggle to get him out of his bedroom because he’s always drawing me something new, or writing an invitation for me to come to his “party.” If your child is the same, or they simply need new pens and pencils, grab them one of these large sets so they can carry on creating!

Artworx 125 Piece Art Studio With Aluminium Case – Purple

  • One thing that I’ve been meaning to get for Dinky for some time, is a sensory light for his bedroom. He absolutely loves the one that me and Mr. Pie have in our bedroom, but unfortunately, it get’s quite warm so I wouldn’t want that in his bedroom. I came across this sensory light and I think it would be perfect for a birthday gift this year!

LED Colour Changing Rocket Light Tube with Remote 100cm By Playlearn

  • Dinky is obsessed with having a “den” at the moment. Everywhere we are he wants me to create a den out of something. I think it provides him with a place to calm down if he is feeling particularly anxious. He also likes to play and pretend it’s his house with a kitchen and makes me food. I think getting him a mid sleeper bed with a den underneath would provide the perfect space for his bedroom for him to tuck himself away and play. Also, he needs a new bed so I’d be killing two birds with one stone here!

Cabin Bed Mid Sleeper Pine Bunk with Tent Blue 5758WG-BLUE

  • Another thing that Dinky loves is cars. He’s at his happiest when talking about, playing with, being driven around, or even playing on our PS4 on Need For Speed. I’ve come across this handy little case full of cars that will provide storage for them too! Not that I expect the cars to go back in the case(!)

CrazySell Plastic Dustproof Toy Cars Parking Storage with Track Plastic Box Divider Organizer – Color Randomly

Some of these gifts I may not buy for him for his birthday, they might have to wait until Christmas! I plan on adding to this list as time goes on! I hope it has given you some inspiration for any gifts you may have to buy in the near future!

Getting Your Children Back Into Their Routine For School

It’s easy to slip out of routines in the summer holidays because it’s likely you don’t have to get the children up really early like you do with school. Now that the new school term is approaching, it’s time to start thinking about getting the kids back to their school routine.


That’s the first routine that comes to mind. I know for a fact that my little one has been staying up later since the summer holidays has begun. As of today, he will be going back to his stricter bedtime routine, and if you’ve got a week or so until your kids return to school, it might be worth doing this too. Your children are going into a new school year, so if it’s been a while since you have made their bedtime a little later, consider doing so, because they might not be tired when you’re trying to put them to bed. Making them feel more grown up by going to bed a little later will boost their confidence in going into their new school year. Obviously, if they are ready for bed at the normal time, stick to it for now.


If you’ve got young children who are now beginning to wear school uniform, prepare them for their morning routine by getting them to practice putting on their school uniform. Having them come in a show off how smart they look to the family will encourage them to be excited about going back to school. Make sure that you set a place within their bedroom that you will lay out their school clothes so that in the mornings, they can get ready for school without a hitch.


Taking your children for a final haircut before they return to school will allow them to go into their first day looking their best. Going into a new and higher year can be a very daunting idea for some children, so the key is to boost their confidence as much as possible. This way, when you wave them into the school you can rest assured knowing that you’ve sent them in happy.

Prepare Yourself

Make it as easy for yourself in the mornings as possible. Easier said than done, I know. If you’ve never been a morning person, check out how to make your morning routine a doddle. As much as you might be looking forward to the children going back to school, there will probably be tears fill your eyes as they venture into their new school year. Be sure to pack some tissues!


When Should Children Be Allowed To Wear Make Up?

A question that’s as old as the tale of time, when should children be allowed to wear make up?

I’ve got to be honest, I originally wrote “when should girls be allowed to wear make up” and then changed my mind because I didn’t want anyone being offended that only girls should wear it.

Anyway, back to my point. What age do you think children should be allowed to wear make up? It’s a difficult question because it poses so many follow up questions like:

What is considered a ‘child’ in your mind?

How much make up?

What kind of make up?



So how do we make the decision about make up?

Well, we are the parents and we know what is best for our child. I remember not being allowed to wear make up (outside of the house) until I went to high school and I don’t think that was a bad decision from my parents. Personally, I wouldn’t want my child wearing make up under the age of 11. They are still in primary school, and make up can give a bad impression of that child (and parents) to everyone else.

However, I’m not saying that people who let their children wear make up are wrong either. It’s their decision and their opinion. I’m in no position to judge because there are probably things that other parents don’t let their children do, but I do with mine.

Does it really matter whether a child is wearing make up? It’s normally because they want to look pretty like their Mummy does. Also, you’re the soul protector of your child and if anyone says anything then you can stick up for your child.

What are your opinions on children wearing make up?