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The Habits Harming Your Skin

We all care about our skin, keeping it looking healthier, younger, and smoother. At least, we should, given how much some of us end up spending on our skin care treatment. But it isn’t all down to making sure you’re applying everything you think your skin needs. There are plenty of habits worth avoiding that can do real damage, including some habits we indulge in as part of that daily skin ritual. What should you be on the lookout for and what should you do about it?


Those bad habits

In many ways, our skin is our exterior representation of what’s happening on the interior. If you’re not taking care of your body on the inside, it will very soon start to show. Too much sodium in your salt leads to bloating and dehydrates, making your face more likely to get all puffy and your skin more likely to crack. Alcohol shares those dehydrating effects. Too much sugar accelerates the signs of aging and can make conditions like acne even worse. But by far the worst habit for your skin is smoking. Smoking has a range of beauty-harming effects to go along with the life-endangering ones. The multitude of chemicals in those cigarettes cause cells to break down quicker all over the body. When this happens to your skin, they become wrinkles. So far, healthier alternatives like e-cigarettes have shown to show much less of these effects, though those with nicotine still do it to some degree. If you’re switching to them, you should consider working your way down to fluids with no nicotine content.

Not getting enough water

There’s a reason we moisturize our skin. Hydration is good for it. Our skin holds water, which makes it softer, but also makes it more resilient. Not only does this mean that it wrinkles less, but it keeps it more protected from the harmful effects of UV rays. Besides moisturizing, drinking water is another important factor in keeping skin hydrated. Caffeinated drinks don’t count in this equation because their diuretic effects work against their hydrating potential. Remember that your skin isn’t just there to help you look good, it plays an important role in protecting the body. Hydrate to make sure it can do its job.


Not sleeping enough

We all know that lacking sleep is bad for our skin. Immediately, it makes us look puffy and zombified. But in the long-run, poor sleep habits can do a lot more than that. Our bodies go through a natural process of repair and replenishment when we sleep. When we don’t have the time to sleep properly, our body doesn’t get to do that. This is why our skin looks worse in the morning and if we repeat that too often, it can become a permanent fixture.

Staying home from the gym

So far, all the tips are what might be considered generally good for your lifestyle. But if you want healthier skin, you need to think about getting healthier, period. One of the immediate benefits of getting more exercise, even if it’s just 45 minutes to an hour of light exercise, is the effect on your skin. When we work up a sweat, our pores dilate and any caught dirt or oils are pushed out from them. Exercise also helps our body regulate hormones, the mixture of which play a big role in dictating skin health. Just make sure you never exercise without taking the time to clean off your makeup. Otherwise, your pores will be clogged and the sweat will just join the mixture of contaminants already in there and contribute to worse skin.


Cleansing too much

This might sound gross to some of you, at first. But there are many proponents, like the gorgeous skinned Michelle Phan, of this particular habit and it’s scientifically backed. The habit is not full cleansing and exfoliating your face when you wake up, but rather just washing it with a wet cloth. While a buildup of oil can be bad for your skin, we start the day with some natural oils on our face. If we wash these off immediately, our skin is more likely to break out in pimples. Do wash your face fully at night, however, so you’re not taking the day’s debris to bed with you.

Picking and popping

It’s tempting, but it’s so, so risky. If you have pimples, the conventional desire is to pop them. Similarly, you might be tempted to pick at scabs to help them shrink faster. Neither of these is a good idea. When you pop your pimples, you’re spreading the puss which leads to more inflammation and more localized breakouts. When you pick your scars, you’re not actually getting rid of the scar; you’re getting rid of the visible healing process. This means you might be going permanent damage to your skin. In these cases, it’s simply best to let nature do her thing, let time heal all wounds, and treat pimples with things like tea tree oil.


Only protecting your skin a little

When it’s summertime, you better be protecting your skin. But when you, are you making sure you have it fully covered? When it comes to sunscreen, erring on the side of being conservative is much better than doing too little. But it’s not just about what factor of cream you use. It’s about whether it’s protecting from both harmful kinds of rays, both UVA and UVB varieties. To that end, make sure that the lotion you’re choosing specifically states that it’s broad spectrum. Otherwise, your skin won’t be quite as protected as you think it might be. Otherwise, you know what the risks are. Sunburn, dehydration, wrinkles, an increased risk of skin cancer. Never forget that there’s nothing more potentially harmful to your skin that direct exposure to strong sunlight.

Clogging your pores

Going too heavy on the makeup can clog your pores, which we’ve already mentioned is a particularly high risk if you don’t clean it off before working out. But some of the very products you use to make your skin more beautiful might be doing the exact opposite. There are a lot of ingredients that clog your pores, some of the most ubiquitous including algae extract. Instead, you should look at solutions that comprise of things like babassu oil. One of the benefits of which is being light enough to not clog your pores. That also puts it above alternative, otherwise excellent skin ingredients like coconut oil.


Stopping at your jawline

This is one of the harmful habits that are born out of laziness or simply not knowing, rather than any willful effort. Simply put, a lot of women focus on their face, not realizing that their neck, chest, and shoulders are often just as exposed and need as much care. You should put as much care into making sure that the skin beneath your jawline stays protected, rejuvenated, and younger looking. In many cases, general skin care products such and moisturizers, exfoliators and the like will do the same job down below as they do up top. However, the outer layer of the skin on the chest and neck is thinner, ages easier, and needs more protection, so some dedicated neck creams might the best option.

Using harmful products around the home

Already, we’ve mentioned how some of the products you use to enhance your skin might be doing damage to it. But the risk extends much further than just what you’ve put on your skin. We’re all fast coming to realize some of the dangerous pollutants we use to “clean” our home. The are chemicals that can exacerbate or cause asthma, act as carcinogens, and can be desperately unhealthy for pets. But these household cleaning ingredients also have a bad effect on the skin. For instance, many fabric detergents that use bleaches, fragrances, and stabilizers can actually spread their irritant nature to the fabrics you wash in them. So, your pillow and duvet covers might be doing your skin harm as you sleep.


Assuming it’s all up to you

If you’re noting red blotchy patches or more breakouts in your skin, it’s not necessarily because of something that you’ve done. When it comes to skin conditions like psoriasis, there are often no other causes besides genetics or your immune system. When a skin condition seems to stay with you, unchanging for days, you should ask your doctor about it. Many of these conditions are chronic but can be treated very effectively. If it starts to affect more than 10% of your skin or is accompanied by things like a fever or aching joints, you should see a specialist like a dermatologist right away. Your skin can often offer the first signs of serious diseases, especially those of the autoimmune variety like lupus.

It might sound like taking on a lot all at once, but the tips above are just little individual lifestyle changes that can all add up to give your skin a much healthier look at the end. Have you seen any you can start implementing right now?


Ayr Vaping – Quitting Smoking and it’s benefits.

Quitting smoking is probably one of the best things you can do for your health.

As a smoker myself, it’s something that always crosses my mind but I never actually manage to do it or even try for that matter.

When I was pregnant with Dinky, quitting smoking was the easiest thing to do because I had him to quit for, not just myself. So why did I start again?

That first night away from the baby that you so desperately need. He was about three months old and it was his first time staying at my parents away from me. I was invited to a friend’s birthday party and once I’d had a few glasses of wine, out came the cigarettes. If I could go back to that day I would and I’d not reach for a fag. I know it will be really hard to quit smoking for the second time.


Why should I consider quitting smoking?

As pretty much everyone knows, smoking can be the cause of many cancers and not just lung cancer. There are so many different chemicals in a cigarette, all of which are dangerous to inhale.

When you smoke, not only do you harm yourself but you are putting other people around you in danger too. Second-hand smoke can kill just as easily as smoking itself.

You and your clothes smell, even as a smoker I hate the smell of smoke if someone walks past me. I am always really conscious of the way I smell after a cigarette.

It drains your bank account. I spend roughly £15 a week on smoking. If I was to quit smoking I’d be saving a massive £780 if you don’t include the nights out where you tend to smoke more. With that money, I could take my boys on that holiday we all desperately need. If Mr. Pie quit smoking too and we put the money we’d normally spend on cigarettes, we’d have over £1500 saved in just one year!


I have tried vaping quite a few times to try quitting smoking again, but it’s never worked. Mainly because the “vape” is far too strong or I’d forget to charge it.

Many friends of mine have successfully quit smoking through vaping and they’ve even managed to kick the vaping habit too.

I have recently been contacted by Vape AYR, who as of late 2017 will be releasing one of the most innovative vaping equipment sets I have ever come across.

This is because the actual vaping pen itself has so many brilliant qualities, nothing else on the market is quite like it. If you purchase one of their pens you can expect:

  • It will refill and recharge itself within its case – no more having to worry about putting your vape pen on charge, because the case will charge it for you when you’re not using it.
  • It comes with “capsules” that fill your vaping pen. Rather than trying to refill it and spilling your liquid everywhere, you simply pop in one of their capsules and go! The case refills your pen whilst you’re not using it.
  • The pen itself shows you how much you have vaped per session, and it will tell you about it’s “condition” and when a replacement pen is due.
  • The pen and the case combined are a really sleek, sophisticated design.
  • The liquids come in many different and popular flavors.
  • Most impressively in my eyes, it comes with an app that tells you exactly how much liquid you have left in that capsule, which flavor you have in there at that time and how much battery your case has left!

All of these points appeal to me, and although pricing is not clear on their website I think I’d definitely be happy to fork out for something that ultimately, might save my life.

The benefits of vaping.

First and foremost, your health. Although you will still be getting your nicotine hit, all of the other chemicals that you’d find in a cigarette are abolished. This also means that other people around you will benefit too.

You won’t smell of stale smoke. This is something that really appeals to me as I mentioned before. I hate the smell of smoke, and most smokers will say the same.

Your bank will thank you. After the initial payment for the kit, smoking a vape is virtually cost free apart from the liquid refills which don’t tend to cost much anyway.

Your taste and smell will improve. Smoking dumbs down your taste buds, so you probably won’t taste something the same way as a non-smoker would. My Dad, for example, he hasn’t been able to smell since he was in his late teens (nothing to do with smoking) and he was a smoker until about three weeks before I was born. He has admitted himself that even though his taste was heightened when he lost his sense of smell, he had never experienced taste properly until he quit smoking. Start enjoying food again!

Yours and your families safety. Most house fires are caused by a cigarette that wasn’t put out properly or one that has dropped onto a highly flammable surface like carpet or your cushions. There is no heat involved with vaping, and no risk of burning your house down.

So, have Vape AYR convinced me to try quitting smoking?

Honestly, I want to try. For mine, Mr. Pie and Dinky’s health. I can’t bear the thought of Dinky losing me at a young age.

-I don’t want to die, it’s just hard to kick the habit.

So when Ayr release their product in late 2017 I will be purchasing one of their kits, and in the meantime, I guess I’m going to just have to try and go it alone.

Why don’t you join me? Let’s not harm our loved ones anymore, let’s save ourselves some money and let’s save ourselves from let’s face it, one of the worst and most painful ways of dying.

This post is for review purposes and although I haven’t been given the product for testing, I have been paid to write this post. If you’re interested in checking out Vape AYR, visit their website at

5 blog post ideas that will guarantee to drive traffic to your blog.

Sometimes coming up with the ‘perfect’ post can be hard, especially if you have no idea what to write about. I have often spent hours sat in front of my laptop really wanting to write some engaging content, but I’ve been lost for topics to write about.

I’ve compiled a list of the top blog post ideas that are guaranteed to drive traffic to your blog. The key is to add variety to your blog posts. Why? This will keep your readers coming back, and new readers wanting to see your content. It will also allow you to be more creative with your writing, allowing you to help your readers/customers to find what they came to your site for.

How To Posts.

How to posts are an incredible way to drive traffic to your blog. People often go to the web to search for how to do something.

Think about how people find out how to do most things nowadays.

People often go to the web to search for how to do something. Writing a post that will tell people exactly how to do something, will gain you those views. Also, making these posts show your readers that you have credibility and are trustworthy, making them even more likely to return to your blog.

Another fabulous idea with how to posts is to add a little freebie at the end of the post too. For example, if you have posted your workout schedule, create a template that people can have if they choose. You can also gain many subscribers this way by getting readers to get that template emailed to them by you. You can set this up using plugins and applications, like MailChimp.



One thing that people absolutely love are easy ways around something, so when I say cheatsheets, I also mean to-do lists and checklists, anything to make their lives easier.

For example, someone may search for “what I need for my first trip out with my baby”. Giving them that information that they want will again show that you’re trustworthy and also make you look super organized.

This is a lot like a how to post, but instead, it helps readers make sure that nothing is forgotten about when they’re packing for that all important first trip out with the baby. With this, you can also create a template that people can download and receive as part of signing up to your email list.


Everybody loves reviews. What’s the first thing you do if you’re thinking about buying something that you can’t really shrug off money wise if it turns out to be no good? You turn to the wonderful internet to find someone else that has spent that money, or taken the plunge and dyed their hair a wacky colour, to see if it’s worth your time, money and effort.

Also, don’t we all secretly love the fail reviews that are posted?

Back on topic. Reviews are literally what can make or break a business and people love finding out which is the best company to purchase their desired product from. Even if it means reviewing a new product you’re trying for your hair to eliminate dry scalp, or giving an opinion on how good those headphones from Lidl actually are, people will want to read it.

A great way to display a review is in vlog form too, this can also help expand your blog to not only writing but videos too!

Another good idea is to email some companies and offer them a free review of one of their products in return for you keeping the item. Many brands are more than willing to do that for the free advertising, although if payment of any form is involved, it is then considered a sponsored post and you should let your readers know this in a disclaimer. Let’s face it, you’re more likely to give a good review on a product that was sent to you for free, and a product that will possibly bring exposure from that company promoting the post too, right?


I always love seeing the traffic roll in from hosting a giveaway. My first ever giveaway I made quite a few mistakes and I’m going to tell you so that you don’t make those mistakes too.

1. I had a very short giveaway of just a week. You ideally need it to be around a month, depending on the value of the prize otherwise the word may not get around enough and you may not reap any benefits from hosting it like I did.

2. Submit your giveaway to competition websites like Loquax and Bloggers Required to help your reach go even further. I didn’t do this with my first giveaway and I wouldn’t have had a clue if a bloggy friend hadn’t have told me.

3. Create a call to action to enter your giveaway. I always use Rafflecopter for my giveaways, but there are many other sites that you can use to host. I didn’t really ask for my readers to do much on my first giveaway, which meant I didn’t really see much return from it. By this I mean ask them to share the post and follow you on your social accounts in return for their entry to the giveaway.

4. Create your giveaway in the form of a post, write a little something about why you’re doing the giveaway or even link the giveaway to a relevant post.

So yeah, basically if you host a giveaway and stick to those three points, you’re going to have a great time seeing your traffic come in! Plus, everyone loves a giveaway right?!

I’m totally going to self-promote here, but if you’re interested to see what a giveaway looks like or how to go about it, you can check my latest one out here – How you can give up your 9-5 and become a full-time blogger and bloggers bundle giveaway!


List posts

Have you ever been so bored and googled what to do with your day? People often search for ideas on many different subjects and this is where list posts come in. You can do so many things with list posts like specify it to a particular area, or you can generalize it so that everyone will be able to take something away from your post.

Another way to use lists is to list a top ten. For example; top ten ways to lose belly fat. Not only are you giving you readers a solution to their “belly fat”, but you’re giving them 10 different ways to achieve this!


Of course, there are many other topics and ideas you could use, like interviews, controversial/debating posts, personal stories and much more!

So if you’re ever sat there stuck on what to write about, or you’d like to see an increase in your traffic, come back to this list and enjoy seeing your traffic boom, your subscribers grow and your blog thrive.

Are there any other blog post ideas that you find drive a lot of traffic? I’d love to know!

Much love xx

To the poor woman I witnessed get hit by a car today..

Let me just start by saying I truly hope you’re okay. You’re being treated by an incredible team and I can’t wait to see your face again at the surgery.

Let me explain. I was sat outside work today having a cigarette and I was enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air when I happened to glance over at you on your familiar red moped. I saw you take off from the junction to cross the roundabout and I saw that car speed into you. I heard the crash and I heard your scream. I saw your moped skid across the floor. I instantly and dialled for help, I shouted at a colleague to get a Doctor and I rushed over to you.

People crowded around and the Doctor arrived and I let them do their assessments on you. I went and grabbed something to cover you with and to keep you warm. I called the Police to come and section off the road that you were lying in. Cars were building up and impatient drivers were angrily feeding through the space other passers-by had created to keep you safe. We moved your moped to a safe place and by then the Police had turned up and so had the ambulance. Someone called your Husband and gave him the awful news that you’d been in an accident. It felt like forever but it all happened so quickly at the same time. You were are incredible. You kept calm and answered the floods of questions and then I watched you be taken away in the ambulance. The Doctors were amazing, the pedestrians were too, not one person walked past without asking how you were and who you were so they could send their best.

I, of course know who you are, we work in the same building. I’m actually one of your patients for my anxiety. Little did I know that one day I’d have to see someone who has bought me great strength and got me past a really difficult time in my life, lying in the road after being hit by a car. A woman who I see daily documents from, and see how much you help people turn their lives around, help them overcome their fears and anxieties.

This is something I won’t ever forget, and tonight I’ve lit a candle to send all of my best wishes and thoughts your way.

Sending positive vibes your way,

A patient who thinks you’re an amazing person xx

Who Knew Sweating Could Feel So Good

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If you’re ready to take life into your own hands, then the best way to start is by getting active. Now that doesn’t include pigging out on the sofa to your favorite tv show; it means getting up, breaking out of your usual routine, and making a new one that will benefit your life in a positive way.

Here are the top forms of exercise that will work up a sweat, and work out your body.



Swimming is a great form of exercise, especially if you suffer from any aches and pains, or even if you’re just on the larger side of the scale, because water takes all the pressure off your body and lets you focus on moving around freely. This is why a lot of physiotherapists tell you to swim. Not only that but it also uses every muscle in your body, so you don’t just burn calories, you also tone up too.

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Cycling is popular go-to workout because you don’t necessarily have to go outside to do it. As long as you have an exercise bike, you can get fit in front of the tv if you wish to. Riding even as little as 30 minutes a day can make a huge improvement in your physical strength and stamina, and the more you sweat, the more fat you’re essentially melting away.


Circuit Training

Circuit Training or High Intensity Interval Training is the best cardio workout if you like to push yourself to limit. With high intensity workouts with very little rest time, make it a very a challenging session, but so rewarding once completed. It’s very fast paced, so you need to make sure you’re hydrated and have eaten something otherwise you just won’t have the energy you need to do this. So you will want to keep a bottle of water within reaching distance for when you have a short rest interval. -You will understand why.

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Boxing is amazing is you want to focus on your core muscles while giving your whole body a good workout. It also improves your balance, mobility and even coordination, while engaging your core muscles the whole time, and these are all things that can be used in your day to day life.

If you’ve never boxed before, it’s a good idea to get someone to work with you, like a trainer or a friend that knows that they’re doing. That way you know that you’re doing everything as they should be done, ensuring you don’t cause an injury to yourself.


Whatever you decide on doing, give it a fair chance before you make up your mind whether you love it or not. Having said that, not everybody is the same, so just because your peers claim that running is the best thing for them, that doesn’t mean that it’ll be like that for you. So this is where trial and error become relevant. If you don’t enjoy one thing, don’t give up – just keep going until you find something that you really love.

Don’t be afraid to try new things and get nice and sweaty! -That’s the best part!



Your looks won’t pierce his strength.

It’s no secret that Dinky is currently going through a diagnosis for autism. I’ve known from a very early age that he would be.

All of these are phrases I loathe.

He doesn’t look like he has autism..

No it’s not a physical deformity, it’s a mental condition. So no, he doesn’t look any different to what you consider “normal”.

In fact he is a gorgeous, happy, cheerful looking child.

He’s fine..

No actually he’s not. He needs constant reassurance, a whole week planned out in advance. He needs everything to go as scheduled. He needs me to block out strange noises, he needs to repeat things, he needs to relive his fondest memories over and over, he needs me to go through the same rigmarole everyday just to prevent a meltdown.

But… he can remember things that you will have long forgotten about. He can take things apart and put things back together perfectly first try. He is so interested on how and why things are made. That noise he’s scared of? It’s because he wants to understand why that noise is being made, and how he can fix it.

All kids learn at different rates..

Yes they do, but when your child can barely put a sentence together at the age of three and a child almost a year younger is talking full on, you know something isn’t right.

He may not have been able to talk since he left the womb but he always shows love and compassion. He already knows how to use my phone better than I do. He’s so tech savvy I can already see him being in the tech industry when he is older. He’s always happy, he always greets me with a smile, even if he’s in trouble. He always knows how to cheer me up and put a smile back on my face.

Oh that’s normal, my kid does that

I’m not denying that your child doesn’t misbehave or become frightened at times, but please don’t make me explain how fear of the bathroom fan coming on is different to fear of the boogeyman.

I hate having to try and explain autism to the dumb and ignorant. I hate the looks he gets when he doesn’t do what a “normal” child does. I hate that “normal” is even something my beautiful boy is compared to.

Don’t look at me with pity. Don’t look at him with pity. He’s the strongest person I know. I can see his fright and confusion but he still faces every day with a smile. Your looks won’t pierce his strength. 

Autism, mental health, mother, son, mblogger, mental health matters,

He’s perfect, and he’s mine.

Parenting and PND

Training The Brain For A Fulfilling Life

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The human mind is simply incredible. As such, building a confident and positive outlook can bring benefits to a whole host of different life aspects. In turn, this will give you a far better chance of feeling happy and contented. In truth, what more could any of us ever want from this world?

As humans, we thrive on that quest to become the best version of ourselves that we can be. Therefore, setting challenges throughout several stages of your life should be top of the agenda. These can range from finding a better-paid job to developing improved people skills and relationships. Either way, those checkpoints will guide you to a happier destination

The satisfaction gained from achieving those goals is one of the greatest rewards in life. Moreover, the direct benefits (financially, physically, and emotionally) should not be ignored. However, it’s one thing to stay positive when things are going well. Bouncing back from adversity is another altogether.

We all face difficult moments in our lives, but you can overcome those obstacles. The most important thing to accept any issues that surface. This is especially true when dealing with mental health problems like anxiety and depression. Quick action will always enable you to get back on track for a better life far sooner. Leaving it untreated will only allow the damage to snowball.

Issues don’t always have to impact your health, though. Money worries are a very common problem. While they might not directly impact your brain, the damage will eat away at your positivity and sanity. But a problem shared is a problem halved, so opening up about those issues is key. Whether speaking to a friend or an expert is up to you. Either way, fighting those battles alone is not an option.

Focusing on motivation, aspirations, and mental health is vital. Then again, it’s equally important to remember that a healthy body generates a healthy mind. Transforming physical health will boost your self-confidence as well as your appearance. There are plenty of options on the market. You can gain a better understanding by visiting Make a suitable choice for your needs and follow it through for life-changing results.

Perhaps the most important addition to your life, though, is to gain balance. Unfortunately, mistakes and failings in one aspect of your life will slowly start to damage other parts of your life. So if you want to remain happy and fulfilled, you must pay attention to all aspects.

With this in mind, great organizational skills are essential. Teach yourself to use the latest smartphone Apps, and technology can do the hard work for you. You can learn about the best downloads at Whether it’s monitoring finances, setting schedules, or making time for loved ones doesn’t matter. Improved time management is an attribute that will serve you extremely well.

Most importantly, though, you must remember that life is a personal journey. Stop comparing yourself to others and concentrate solely on what makes you happy. Achieve this outlook, and your future will instantly look far brighter.

Miss Pork Pie’s Make Up – MUA totally nude lipstick review

I have always found it hard to find lipstick that actually looks good on me!

I have quite plump lips naturally and I’m very aware how much they stand out on their own, never mind with lippy on! I also have very red skin due to my psoriasis so I don’t really like wearing too much red, otherwise I end up looking like a tomato.

I managed to pick up a super sexy nude lippy last week from MUA. I went for the totally nude shade which really suits my skin colour.

Even better, it was £1.00! Who can argue at that?!

It’s fairly long lasting and glides on my lips so nicely. The coverage seems kind of thick at first but it’s such a velvety feeling on your lips that you get used to it!

I’ve worn in everyday since and felt more confident about wearing lipstick than I have ever felt.

Has anyone else got any make up bargains they’d like to share?

Much love xxx

5 tricks you NEED to follow to successfully lose weight (and not go without your favourite foods!)

So to kick off #WeightlossWednesday I am going to share with you 5 tricks you should follow to successfully lose weight, and with the added bonus of still being able to enjoy your favourite foods!

Let’s face it we all know how to eat healthily. We all know that an apple will be better for your health than a bag of crisps, but the crisps taste better. So what if there was a way we could have best of both worlds? Well there is and I’m going to tell you how. I’ve basically taken the best and most useful bits out of every diet I’ve ever tried and popped a bit of common sense in there.

  • Drink plenty of water

This is one tip I will be pushing everyone to make sure they do. Quite often the symptoms of thirst trick the mind and body into thinking it’s hungry. So if you feel hungry, have a glass of water and wait 10 minutes. If you still feel hungry after that then it is hunger and you should eat.

Water is also the best way to keep your body hydrated, which in turn will make your skin glow, your nails longer and your hair stronger.

  • Listen to what your body wants.

When you are eating, really notice what your body is telling you. After you have established that your body is actually hungry, you need to retrain your brain and your body to realise when you’re full and need to stop eating. The best way to do this is put your cutlery down between each bite and chew slowly. Once the feeling of hunger has gone then stop eating. This may result in you eating little and often, but this is easier for your body to work off.

But remember – if you’re not sure if you’re hungry, water first, everything else comes later.

  • Everything in moderation

You’ve probably heard that a thousand times and probably hate it when someone gives you that advice but trust me, it’s the best way of losing weight and still being able to enjoy your favourite foods. Use the same principle as my last point, only eat your desired food until the feeling of hunger goes. Also remember that you should be putting nutrition into your body. Over time your body will begin to stop craving “goodies” and it will crave more of the nutrition.

Another good way of keeping things in moderation is to reward yourself for victories along your journey. For example you walked to work instead of taking the bus all week. Having one chocolate bar will not undo all of that hard work you have done to eat healthily, especially if you keep up your activity levels.


  • Exercise

Another thing that a lot of people don’t want to hear. People often picture exercise as countless hours in the gym on the treadmill. This is an option but exercise is any form of movement that gets your heart rate up.

As I previously mentioned, walking to work (if possible) will up your exercise massively and you will see those pounds drop off. If you’re stuck for exercising ideas I always browse Pinterest for ideas. Another site I have found inspiration from is

  • Use your common sense.

You know that a glass of coke isn’t as good for you as water, you know a chippy dinner is worse than a grilled chicken salad. What I’m saying is use your common sense when making your meal decisions. It doesn’t mean that coke and chips are banned it just means that having them more often than not is a no go.

Here are some ideas for some healthier alternatives to junk food –

If you follow these simple tricks you will lose weight.

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I challenge YOU to better yourself.

Who’s up for a challenge?

I’ve been a yo-yo dieter for years now. I’ve tried everything from weight watchers to slim fast, slim pod, slimming world, crash diets, boot camp and even “magic” pills.
None of these worked for me because I felt like I couldn’t eat certain things. After a few days or weeks of eating like a rabbit I would give in and binge out on crap.

I’ve been feeling like I’m always going to be overweight, and for a while I’ve not really cared too much until recently when I saw some photos of myself at a family get together. I felt sick looking at how bad I’ve let myself down. I’m don’t just look big, I look unhealthy.

So the challenge…

I challenge anyone out there that wants to lose weight or improve their health to join me. I will be doing weekly posts to share my success and I’m inviting you to all leave your links so myself and everyone else can read your blogs. We can all encourage eachother.

Here are the 5 tricks you NEED to follow to successfully lose weight (and not go without your favourite foods!)
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I am going to be using the hashtag #WeightlossWednesday – I hope you will all join me!