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Dental marketing online and social media

Dental marketing online and social media

Over the last few decades marketing strategies have changed completely and with the introduction of the world wide web, digital technology has an answer for everything including dental marketing. The days of paper marketing such as newspaper advertisements, leaflets and flyers are mainly over, as it is expensive and most of it goes into people’s bins anyway.


It is very important that in order to succeed and thrive in this overcrowded market where there are multiple dental practices in each town and village you need to change your marketing techniques to be in keeping with current trends.

This means that your dental marketing strategy now needs to focus on digital marketing, otherwise you will be missing out on a lot of potential to thrive in this digital age. Most dental practices have excellent dental websites and social media pages to show off their clinic and to connect with new patients. It is important that you also have an attractive dental website and engaging social media pages to create a strong online presence for your dental practice, or you will be losing patients to the other dental practices in your area. Speak to an award-winning digital marketing team today and either create or improve your digital marketing strategy for your dental practice, especially now when most people are getting back into routine and are looking to address their dental needs once again.

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If you have a dental website which needs updating and modernising or if you are looking for an altogether new dental website, a good marketing team will be able to create a bespoke, modern website. This should be a place where a potential patient will be able to find out everything they need to know about looking after their dental health, the treatments and procedures that you offer at your practice and why they should visit you rather than the other dental practices in your area. Your website should be attractive and interesting, interactive and engaging and give potential patients the opportunity to either contact you directly or sign up to a mailing list so that you have their information.

Social media marketing
Once you have acquired this information you can stay in touch with them through social media, email marketing, SMS marketing and even the occasional phone call to encourage them to book an appointment and visit you in person. The majority of adults in this country are present on at least one social media platform and this is a very popular method of communication which allows you to strengthen relationships with existing patients, as well as form new relationships with prospective patients. Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms and attract different demographics of the population. Therefore by being present on both of these platforms you will be able to target the older generation as well as the younger generation, widen your audience and increase your prospects. Social media marketing is a highly effective tool in boosting the success of your dental practice, so speak to your digital dental marketing team today to find out more about how you can make the most of social media too.