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Do Not Forget The Importance of End-of-life Checklist For Your Family

Do Not Forget The Importance of End-of-life Checklist For Your Family

Creating an end-of-life checklist may not be appreciated by many. But everyone is aware of the fact that life is uncertain. An untimely death can trouble your family member. They need to search home for every minor detail. In most cases, important documents get lost in hustle and bustle. Therefore, the best thing is to be prepared for your death and arrange all the documents systematically. These documents involve your property details, wills, power of attorney, and other things that matter in your life.

Now, if you are wondering how to start creating an end-of-life documents checklist. Do not worry, the write-up will explain to you with essential details, you can add or reduce the items as per your requirement. Before that, let’s check out some reasons to create an end-of-life checklist. 

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Why should you make an end-of-life checklist? 

  • A checklist helps to arrange all your affairs in order.
  • When you leave the world, your family members will be in grief. Your sorted documents won’t reduce their pain but help them to make the further processes easier.
  • You must be sure that everyone will have the right wills and estates documents after your death.
  • If you had explained several times about property details. A handy copy of legal documents can help your spouse and children in difficult times.
  • In case of confusion, it can be easily and on the spot resolved from checklist details.
  • Writing a birthday, anniversary or other important dates on paper proves how critical the next person is in your life. Even after your death, they can experience your feelings from words.
  • Listing all the property and jewelry details ensure that nothing is missed or stolen. It also helps to resolve any property split disputes. 

What does an end-of-life checklist involve?

Spare a few hours from your busy schedule and compile all the essential information in a diary. Add details related to personal information, property, wills, banks, accessories, insurance, and medicines. Place everything at separate locations, but must be on a related page of dairy. Finding documents at various locations helps your family members to come out from the fog of grief. Moreover, reading your checklist encourages them to invest some quality time to read valuable information. 

Let’s know how to create a checklist…

  1. Always Begin With Personal Information

Starting to create notes with personal information is a great idea. Therefore, write your name, birthday, and security number on the top of the checklist. You should also mention locations for the key documents such as birth certificates, marriage license, work discharge papers, id card, medical insurance card, house, and car keys locations, etc. All these save time and assists your family members to present for further formalities. Your id cards or security numbers are essential documents and will require at the time of releasing a death certificate. Most importantly, do not neglect the importance of will and power of attorney that can support families for hassle-free property split. 

When you plan to share all this essential information with your family, it proves how much you care for your family. You do not want to trouble them after death to look at any piece of paper. 

  1. Add Medicines And Equipment Details 

When you are ill and not in a condition to take medicine on your own. A checklist can help the attendant or family member to serve you with the right medicine. If you are suffering from various diseases, it will be great to write the name and purpose of each medicine. When you are the caretaker of your spouse or giving her medicines, create a checklist for a partner with a medical history. It can help the other members to give her medicines on time. 

  1. Write Documents Locations For Quick Access

Important documents such as a bank, a property title deed, credit cards, tax return are required for quick access after your death. Writing these documents in a checklist helps your family. Also, do not forget to write card pins, and numbers to know other outstanding balance details. Do not forget to add trust and power of attorney details with the name and contact number of your lawyer. If you have a mortgage and loan on personal property or personal, add all the particulars of loans. With this, you can add personal documents like your email accounts with passwords. As some of the information is accessible through email id only.

  1. Note-down Your Insurance and retirement Plans 

If you had taken any insurance like life, health, auto, home, or other, add all the details in the checklist. You should also add the account number, contact details of the company, and location of the policy. It saves the hassle of finding a crowd. You must also write a claim amount your beneficiary will be eligible to claim. Do not forget to add the contact details you mentioned at the time of taking an insurance policy. As your mobile acts as a great support in various places to look for claim information.

If you took a retirement plan to secure your future, open down retirement account such as 401(k), 403(b), Roth IRA, SEP & Others. Note all the account numbers and locations in the checklist. 

  1. Make a List of Banking Details

When you use a savings account, create a list of account information, with all the essential banking details like an internet banking password. If you opened a locker to store jewelers, mention all the jewelry details in the checklist. Do not hesitate to write about the weight of the jewelry. Some people invest in shares and securities, if you are one of them mention your valuables papers, details in the checklist.

  1. Create a List of Monthly Income and Expenditures

Your checklist should not contain details related to property, wills, power of attorney, or savings, but it must include your income and expenditures list. Therefore, write all the sources of income and how much each source generates income. For instance, you rent a property, write the name and contact of the tenant on the checklist and how much rent you are receiving. Similarly, when you are paying, write each penny details where you are spending monthly. 

In a nutshell…

Leaving a checklist is a great way to define what you have achieved in life. Writing personal details show your love and affection for others. Remember, mention updated details like contact number, account number, and pin. Each detail will be important for your family