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Exciting fun for Father’s Day

Stuck for some idea’s on what to do for your Father, or partner for Father’s day? Look no further, I have selected some of my favourite based on what I think Mr Pie would be thrilled to be given.

For those of you lucky enough to be able to splash out a little, I have picked a few experience days and gifts from 3 websites (links included):

1.) Shepherd Neame Brewery Tour – Don’t pretty much all men love a good beer? Wouldn’t they love to tour and taste? I know Mr Pie would be thrilled to see this as a gift. Only problem is, I don’t think it’s really suitable to go with the kids. Still a perfect excuse for Dad to get away for a while! This package is available from into the blue experience days from £14.99.

2.) Father and Child Photoshoot – What a lovely gift! Especially for the new fathers out there, I can’t think of a more lovely way to capture Father’s Day! This is also available over at into the blue experience days from a low price of £20!

3.) Beard Grooming Kit – A gift I know all men with even the tiniest beard will love. This lovely gift is available from not on the highstreet at the price of £25. This charming kit comes with a moustache shaped comb (of course), moustache wax, beard oil and scissors, all of it is packed into a lovely tin for your Dad!

4.) Man Mug – I’ve seen this one in action, and it really is “man size”. Brilliant for those days when you need that extra large cup of coffee (why don’t they have a Mum version?!). Grab this over at Prezzybox for £9.95!

5.) Supercar experience – With prices starting from £20, and all men wanting to drive like their heroes in the films, this is a perfect gift idea for Father’s Day. Grab this one over at into the blue experience days.

For those of you that can’t splash out, I have come up with a few ideas that will cost the minimum, and you can guarantee Dad will still love it!

1.) Breakfast in bed – Everybody loves breakfast in bed, and we don’t often get the chance to treat eachother to it. So grab the kids, make sure hubby stays in bed and cook him a slap up breakfast with them. Get them to take it into him with a card and he will be happy as hell!

2.) Go for a walk as a family – providing the weather is kind, a walk is an amazing way for family to spend time together! Walk to the park, or the local pond and feed the ducks. Relaxing together as a family is an amazing way to treat Dad this Father’s Day!

3.) Watch a film together – If the weather isn’t nice enough to be out in, you could abandon getting dressed, all stay in your jammies, snuggle up in the lounge with your duvets and have a film day. Just make sure Dad is relaxing! Perfect!

4.) Give him “I will” cards – this one is perfect for the kids to do. Get them to create a couple of cards each saying something that they will do for him when he “cashes” them in. They can be fun and simple things like “I will clean my room” etc. Could be good for adults to join in too?!

5.) Cook him his favourite meal – Get the kids involved too (as long as it’s not too complex or dangerous, haha). Make him put his feet up whilst you pamper him with his favourite food and drinks. A treat for being an amazing Father, and for everything else he does!

What do you have planned for this Father’s day? I hope that if you’re stuck, I have given you a few ideas!

Much love xx

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