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Getting an oral implant in Melbourne; what’s it like?

Getting an oral implant in Melbourne; what’s it like?

If you are looking for a dental implant Melbourne, getting the procedure done is becoming more and more common. Dentists believe this is mainly due to people becoming more open to the idea of oral implants as another piece of restorative dentistry rather than any sort of oral surgery. Traditionally, oral implants were very much part of the maxillofacial surgeons relm; they were first performed in an operating theatre due to the use of full anaesthesia. The only way to safely administer anesthesia was with an anaesthetist who had to constantly monitor a patient. This additional equipment kept oral implants out of your average local clinic for many decades.

Modern protocols allow oral implants to be performed under the local anesthetics and numbing agents, which all professionals in your dental clinic will be very familiar with. If you have concerns about being awake when you are having oral implants fitted, talk to your dental team about undergoing a sedative option, such as IV sedation or another alternative such as nitrous oxide.

Our modern three-part implant

The oral implants that are used are a three-part system. They utilise a titanium rod which is placed in the jaw, where it ossifies permanently into place as new bone grows around it. Above this is a connector which holds the titanium component to a prosthetic tooth, which is similar to a crown. 

The prosthetic teeth are fabricated for the patient, matching their enamel in its translucency and shade. This allows us (with our dental laboratory partners) to achieve an extremely natural looking replacement.

The connector which holds the two parts of the implant together has several uses. One is that it allows us to perform implantation in 2 sessions, giving time for a new implant to set into the jawbone before it has to deal with the day of the stress, wear and tear of eating and talking. 

The second is the capacity for our dentist to replace a damaged prosthetic tooth without having to remove the entire implant, which makes any future dental care much simpler and cheaper.

Rising popularity in Melbourne

Another great thing that dentists have found when it comes to oral implants in general is the capacity to replace a tooth which may have been lost many years ago. This is rarely the case in restorative dentistry which is implemented immediately after any ongoing decay or damage is treated, with the success rate of restorative dentistry usually reducing the longer the delay.

This is not the case with oral implants as even teeth which have been lost decades ago and whose socket may have closed can still be replaced. 

Costs of oral implants and and payment options

Many patients are concerned about the cost of oral implants; in response, dentists are often able to offer a range of options to help spread all medical costs including several 0% credit packages with monthly repayments. If you have any questions about oral implants, the payment schedules or if you need help with previously fitted oral implants, talk to your dental team.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.