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Hey Entrepreneurs, Your Downtime Matters!

Hey Entrepreneurs, Your Downtime Matters!

I get it, I really do. You’re a dynamic and ambitious self-starter with something to prove to the world. You’ve spotted a gap in the market that your competitors have failed to notice, and you’re only too eager to fill it. You had a great idea for a business and what’s more, you were prepared to put the work in. You begged, you borrowed (you didn’t steal), you pleaded and you raised the capital you needed to get up and running. You brought your business to life by sheer force of will. Your lifestyle is a testament to the fact that the system works.

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However, as proud as you should be of your achievement, you should also be wary of overdoing it. In your zeal and determination to prove to the world that you can will your dream to come true you can be a little too giving of your time, attention and effort. Indeed, sometimes you have to drag yourself away from your office. You need to take better care of yourself! It’s necessary, essential even to have some downtime every once in a while. If you’re to avoid entrepreneurial burnout, it’s not only essential that you take a day off at least once a week, what you do in your downtime also matters!

Try gardening

You’re one of those people who doesn’t respond well to inertia. You need to be doing something, even when you’re relaxing. Why not try gardening? It’s a very meditative and relaxing activity, it gets you breathing fresh air and interacting with nature, and it can be extremely rewarding watching the fruit of your efforts grow.

Speaking of fruit, you can also use your gardening time to grow delicious veggies and fruits for tasty and nourishing snacks to help keep you nourished, happy and productive. Check out Green Gardener for a range of products to help you to grow without the need for nasty chemical pesticides. Relax while doing your bit for the planet.


Did you just roll your eyes? Seriously, all entrepreneurs should take a few minutes every day to meditate. Mindfulness meditation improves cognition, focus and memory while reducing stress and helping you to feel more capable and in control even in the most stressful of circumstances. You can practice mindfulness meditation on your lunch break or even in the car. It only takes a few minutes (literally) and it can make you a better boss, a better entrepreneur and a better person.

Take long walks

Nature is one of greatest mood boosters and the act of walking can stimulate the flow of oxygen to the brain, aiding concentration and memory. Thus, a long walk in the park, through a nature reserve, out in the country or anywhere you have access to trees, grass, birds and plants can be a great way to spend your downtime, making you more relaxed and yet more effective when you return to your desk.

Hit the gym

Finally, working out affords you all the benefits of an oxygenated brain while also helping you to relieve stress that can build up when you remain stationary behind your desk all day. What’s more, when your commitment to your business causes you to lead a largely sedentary lifestyle, it’s more important than ever to exercise in your free time!