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How A Clothing Business Can Shout Louder

How A Clothing Business Can Shout Louder

If you own a clothing line, you know what kind of sector you’re in. Fashion is so competitive it’s not even funny. It’s such an amazing industry but it’s ruthlessly competitive from top to bottom. However, it’s also amazing because a small brand can kick the living hell out of large brane. It all depends on your quality, design and overall style. Many people buy clothes by how they look and how they fit. They don’t always go for the brand like people do in the car industry whereby some badges carry more weight than others. Fashion is an industry that has always been seen as the most innovative of all. And this is no surprise at all, because every 6 months or so, a brand new line has to be released. So in among an ocean of competitors and direct rivals, how can your business shout louder to be heard? 


Have a real-world presence

It’s very tempting, very tempting indeed, to purely have an online presence only. In the modern world of eCommerce, where customers do the majority of their clothes shopping online, why would you want to have a real-world store? Retail is not going anywhere. It may be less popular than it ever was, but real estate in the business world is a signifier of your power and standing in society. When you have a real-world presence, customers feel much more connected to your business and they also, trust it more. This is because of this old thing called the human condition. When we can walk into a store, feel the clothes, smell the air inside of a brick and mortar establishment, we give a business space in our reality. So if you want to be taken more seriously, have at least one retail store on a high street. 

Go to exhibitions

The fashion industry is just like any other, it has an array of annual events that mark the slow evolution of the industry. Businesses from all around the world will be attending such events, and fashion brand exhibitions are no different than any other. You will need to buy an exhibition stand or one may be provided for you depending on the type of event you’re going to. To give passersby a glimpse of what your business is about, place roller banners around your stand with photographs of models wearing your clothes. There are different types of roller banners like wider budget, A3 mini, A4 mini, outdoor rollers and more. This is a cost-effective way of displaying real-world scenarios and of people wearing your brand’s clothes at exhibitions. On the other hand, you may also want to hire real models that occasionally walk out of your stand and walk around to show off the item you’re selling and the ideas you’re trying.

Do it your own way

If your business hasn’t begun to fully utilize social media and video sharing platforms, you’re well behind the curve. YouTube, Twitch and Mixer are three of the most popular streaming websites. You can literally stream anything, as long as it meets the guidelines of the website. Therefore, rather than going to fashion shows, you should live stream your own. You can have your own catwalk and hire models to wear your brand. This can be coordinated with your marketing team that can then look to hire a professional media company that will perform the live stream. It’s quite clearly going to cost you but at the end of the day, if your execute this correctly your brand will receive massive exposure. The great thing is that younger audiences will be watching more than any other age group. They are the most tech savvy generation which is why targeting your business to them will elevate your brand to a higher level in the fashion industry.

Social media

For clothing brands, using Instagram more than any other social media platform is the best option for spreading your name all over the world. Instagram is simple, relies on imagery more than anything else and has great hashtag trends. This is the best way to advertise your brand because visuals without wording is far more eye-catching in today’s era. 



Your fashion brand has the opportunity to stand out from the crowd at exhibitions. By using roller banners you’re able to use a cost-effective way of showcasing your items to all onlookers without having to have your employees engage in conversation. You should also make sure you have at least one real world store to have a concrete presence.