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How a Good Public Transportation Reflects on the Country’s Economy

How a Good Public Transportation Reflects on the Country’s Economy

Not all countries have an excellent public transportation system, and some are wary of using it. According to research, commuting by public transportation can make or break a country’s economy. This is because having an excellent public transportation system positively affects the country’s economy by helping people get around efficiently and cheaply. As a result, more people can spend money on their daily needs instead of spending money on transportation.

Of course, reaching the point where having an excellent public transportation system yields positive consequences isn’t easy. It takes time, effort, and determination to develop an efficient and reliable public transportation system.


  • How a Good Public Transit System Reflects on the Economy

There’s a reason why public transportation is considered a crucial part of any country’s economy. It helps people get to work, run errands and travel long distances without having to worry about traffic or gas prices. Here are other benefits of public transportation:

  • 1) It reduces traffic congestion

When people rely on cars or other vehicles to get around, it can lead to traffic jams. Since everyone uses their cars, it can often take longer to get to where they need to go. Public transportation allows many people to travel simultaneously, so it reduces traffic congestion.

  • 2) It helps keep gas prices low

If a country has an excellent public transportation system, it helps to keep gas prices low. When people rely on their vehicles to get around, they tend to drive more often. This leads to higher gas prices, but if the country has an excellent public transportation system, people can rely on that instead of their vehicles.

  • 3) It helps to reduce air pollution

When people rely on their vehicles, it leads to higher air pollution. Public transportation systems can help reduce this by allowing people to travel simultaneously. So, an excellent public transportation system leads to cleaner air for everyone.

  • Why Do People Need Good Public Transportation?

People need good public transportation systems because it helps the economy in different ways. For example, it can lead to higher income, more significant employment, and a more efficient workforce. However, getting to the point where commuters prefer taking public transportation instead of their private vehicles requires time, effort, and determination.

It’s not as easy as it sounds since public transportation is only as adequate as the country manages to make it. Take, for instance, how Singapore’s leading transport provider, SMRT, handles its train system. SMRT is one of the fastest transportation systems in the country, and it’s also incredibly efficient when it comes to energy consumption. But it wasn’t always this way.

When Seah Moon Ming took on his role as the new chairman of the transport provider, he chose to step down from his position at Pavilion Energy. He said that his decision to do so was to focus on solving the deeply-rooted problems within the transport system. It took him a while, but with the help of his people, he managed to transform their organization into one of the most efficient companies in the country today.

  • How can a Good Public Transit System be Achieved?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to achieving an excellent public transportation system. It takes time, effort, and determination to accomplish this, but some things can be done in the meantime. Here are some of them:


  • 1) Focus on infrastructure

Know that infrastructure is the backbone of any country, and it needs to be strong. This means that roads must be well-maintained, and public transportation options must be well-connected. When roads are in good condition, it makes traveling easier for most commuters.

  • 2) Encourage people to use public transportation

Some countries have policies that make it mandatory for companies to encourage their employees to use public transportation. For example, they might offer incentives or extra hours to walk or ride a bike. This encourages people to take advantage of the public transportation system and use it more often.

  • 3) Make public transportation more appealing to commuters

Some places have loosened their restrictions on drinking and partying in public, encouraging people to take public transit instead of driving. Some allow people to drink on the bus or have a designated area where people can party when it comes to buses.

  • 4) Improve safety for pedestrians and commuters

Some countries have introduced road laws that penalize vehicles driving near a bus stop. For example, if a driver is caught within a certain distance of a bus stop, they’ll be charged a fine. This allows pedestrians to feel safer while using the bus, especially during dangerous times.

The quality of life people enjoy today is largely dependent on the level of public transportation available in their cities. That’s why countries must focus on improving their public transportation systems. If they manage to do so, they’ll see a direct and positive impact on their economy.