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How the Pandemic Has Made Consumers More Eco-Conscious

How the Pandemic Has Made Consumers More Eco-Conscious

It’s no secret that the pandemic has changed society. It has changed how we live in how we think, live, and the things we buy. With all of the uncertainty in the world, some people may have believed that the pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle had to take a back seat. However, dive deep enough and we see that the opposite is the case.
So how has the pandemic made consumers more eco-conscious? 
Here are just some of the examples. 

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Supporting Small Businesses 

Since many of the world’s countries went into lockdown, consumers used more and more local businesses to fulfil their needs. Entrepreneurs got more creative with their items, too. From biodegradable urns, to sweet, deliverable treats, they were able to provide consumers with exactly what they wanted–while helping to minimize their carbon footprint. 

It also became clear that consumers wanted to come together in a time of need for small businesses and finding ways to support them. This allows small companies to continue trading without the worry of the pandemic closing their business.

Supporting small businesses helps to reduce an individual’s carbon footprint dramatically–especially when those small businesses make a conscious effort to change some of their materials to more sustainable, biodegradable ones. 

Making an effort to reduce food waste 

Consumers have become much more mindful about what they buy to eat. On one hand, safety concerns for hygiene in some food establishments during the pandemic meant that people were less inclined to buy takeout food in favour of cooking at home. 

On the other, people have become more mindful of what they buy and make an effort to limit food waste where they can. For consumers who wanted to limit their time in shops, they would turn to online shopping. Online food shopping reduces impulsivity making it easier to stick to a shopping list, and more likely to use each of the ingredients used. 

Finally, with more people working from home, it meant having more time to enjoy cooking from scratch and are starting to enjoy the relaxing benefits of cooking. 

People want to spend more time in nature 

Where lives were once spent being busied by the commute and demands of work, they soon became a place of solitude for people looking to get out of their homes. People began to become more interested in nature, making getting outside a habit due to the positive impact on their moods. Spending more time in nature has bred increasing respect for the outside world, which, in turn, has meant people have developed an attitude where they want to live a more sustainable life.  

So how can businesses live up to the demand of the consumer desire to use more environmentally conscious businesses for their products and services? 

Make Use of Sustainable Products 

Whatever the purpose of your business, whether you run a virtual office or make and sell goods, there’s much potential for businesses to use sustainable products as part of their everyday operations. 

Using eco-friendly packaging and recycled printer paper are small places to start making a difference and reduce their carbon emissions. 

If you make the switch to using carbon-neutral suppliers, for example, they should make it clear when the products they produce are environmentally sustainable so they take the guesswork out of knowing what you’re using is environmentally friendly. 

Stop Buying New 

When you want to renovate and refit your business premises, it may be tempting to go online and start picking out a range of new furniture. However, changes don’t have to cost the earth. Instead, find some gently used, pre-loved fittings, fixtures, and furniture by looking around local flea markets and online for some truly unique pieces that will make all the difference to your space. 

Alternatively, head to your local hardware store, pick up some sandpaper and paint materials and give your existing furnishings a boost. Doing so will give your space a boost with a unique aesthetic with a limited impact on the environment. 

Learn about Sustainability

Everyone has the potential to make an environmental impact. Whether that be through reducing their electricity, using sustainable packaging, or learning how to make the best of what they have instead of buying new. 

Every company has a journey towards becoming more environmentally more sustainable and it is important to start sooner rather than later even if they just make small changes here and there, it can make the world of difference. 

Playing their part, regardless of their size can help to reduce their carbon footprint and taking the steps towards reversing and slowing down the effects of climate change.