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How To Find Time For Exercise

How To Find Time For Exercise

A lot of us find it difficult to find time for exercise, especially during the winter, or if we have a lot of other priorities on our hands. . If you’re busy at work, looking after young children, and trying to make time for your spouse and friends, a boxercise class is probably not high on your priorities. 

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It’s during these busy times that exercise can be even more important than before. This is true whether you’re working towards a fitness goal such as training for a race, or just for your own health. Just twenty minutes of physical activity can improve your mood, mindset, and well-being. 

But how you can make time for exercise when life gets busy? 

Try The Run Commute

To find time for exercise, try out the run commute. If you live a distance from work that you could run, then you can run your commute in one or both directions. If you live too far away, get off the train a few stops before you normally would and run the rest of the way. Pack some spare clothes, and keep work shoes at the office so you can change when you arrive. 

Keep Your Workout Clothes Handy At All Times

Keep your workout clothes ready all the time, so you can find time for exercise whenever you have a spare few minutes. For example, keep a pair of running shoes and some workout clothes in your car. 

This means that wherever you happen to be, you can go for a run. This can make your routine more interesting, as you’ll get to try different routes. It can be difficult to find the time, but there is also a lot of fun in this challenge, even if you only manage twenty minutes of exercise. 

Hang a punching bag in the garage, so you can box whenever you have a spare few minutes at home. 

Run Your Errands

Literally, run your errands. If you’re dropping the children at nursery, you could invest in a running stroller, and run there. Buy a backpack and run to the post office, or to the grocery store. You had to go there anyway, but now you can use errands as part of your exercise. 

Schedule Your Workouts

If you like to plan out your day, schedule your workouts in the same way that you would schedule any other appointment. Whether you use a planner or the calendar on your phone, schedule your workouts. Seeing your workouts written down in front of you might make you more likely to do them, especially if you’ve already blocked off the time for it. 

If you’re a parent, you could fit your workout schedule to your kids’ schedules. For example, drop them at their weekend football game, and go for a run while they’re playing. You can get your fitness in at the same time as they are, safe in the knowledge that you have some time to yourself while they’re busy, and won’t need you for a little while.