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How To Get Married Without A Fuss

How To Get Married Without A Fuss

Wedding on a budget? It’s more than possible! If you want to celebrate your big day without dropping a few thousand dollars on your wedding dress alone, don’t you worry. Today, there are so many amazing ways to get hitched without a fuss and still end up with a gorgeous ceremony and wedding reception that will put a happy tear in everyone’s eye. Here are a few ideas you can shamelessly steal.

Pub wedding for beer lovers

If you and your partner love a good pint of beer and chill pub atmosphere, why not skip the fancy ballrooms, gowns and tuxedos and have a laid-back wedding in a pub! Organizing a private party in a pub will cost you very little, the decoration is not needed and you have all the beer you can drink right there on the tap! A good pub usually has a kitchen that prepares simple yet mouthwatering meals like burgers and hot dogs, so your food is covered as well. You can celebrate your wedding by playing jukebox songs or playing board games, pool or table tennis with your friends and family. Sounds like a blast (that won’t blast your wallet and nerves).

Hike for adventurers


Nature lovers who want an interesting, yet fuss-free wedding that won’t require fancy dresses, expensive venues and tacky decoration, opt for a nature outing. Grab your closest friends and family and take them on a beautiful nature hike to your favorite spot. When you get there, you’ll have a perfect backdrop for your ceremony and you’ll be surrounded by your loved ones and Mother Nature. Celebrate your wedding with some simple picnic food and refreshment before you head home. It’s an amazing way to spend your weekend!

Park wedding for free spirits


If you love nature but live in a huge city like New York, don’t worry. You don’t have to get a foot out of the city boundaries to have a cute outdoor wedding. For instance, pick a sunny day and a nice location in Central Park and voila! You have a gorgeous wedding venue that won’t require a lot of money and decoration. Plus, since catering in NYC is blooming, you can simply find a good company with all the necessary equipment for a great reception and not worry about treats either. Some companies are a one-stop-shop offering everything from appetizers to desserts and cocktails, so your guests won’t leave empty-bellied and thirsty.

Backyard ceremony for home-bodies

Getting married at a location that means the world to you is truly priceless, so why not tie the knot at your own home! If you have a reasonably-sized backyard, invite your guests over and have a cute and intimate wedding. You can rent all the things you need from tents and seating to dishware and sound system and have it delivered to your house. If you have some flowers in your garden you already have all the decoration you need, so just invite your loved ones and celebrate into the night. This way, your house will mean even more to you and your family.

Surprise wedding for tricksters

If you want to skip the entire fuss around weddings, but still tie the knot surrounded by your friends and family, why not throw a surprise wedding! Tell your guests you’re having a small birthday celebration or engagement party and when they all show up, surprise them with a real deal. You will spare yourself and everyone else the fuss of buying presents and getting super dressed up, while you still get a nice wedding with witnesses. A makeshift aisle and someone to officiate is all you need to be happy together forever.  And the photos of your wowed guests will be priceless!

Thrifty wedding


Today, so many people have huge student loans, impossible home down payments and mortgages and kids’ college funds to think about. So, if you don’t want to go further in debt, organize a thrifty wedding that will help you pay off what you owe. A simple courthouse wedding and a small backyard wedding with drinks and food are all you need. Explain your situation in wedding invitations and ask guests to give you cash instead of wedding presents. You’ll definitely be a bit closer to your debt-free goal!


If you think your wedding is no one else’s concern but yours, why not elope with your future spouse. This move will eliminate all the stress of your wedding day and allow you to truly enjoy the moment while you gaze into your partner’s eyes—nothing else should matter! Celebrate your marriage at your destination with your spouse and you’ll save so much money that you will be able to afford several back-to-back vacations!

Sure, big weddings are pretty and all, but are they really worth the stress and the money? If you think not, use these fuss-free ideas for your wedding and have a chill yet beautiful wedding!

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