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How To Make Sure Your Car Is Safe To Drive On The Road

How To Make Sure Your Car Is Safe To Drive On The Road

Owning a car comes with a considerable amount of responsibility. Not only do you need to make sure that you look after your vehicle to prevent having to pay out for expensive repairs, but you also need to make sure that your car is safe to be on the road.  If your car is not safe, you are putting your own life, and the lives of your passengers, other road users, and pedestrians at risk. 

Here are some considerations to ensure that your car is safe to drive. 

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Regular Maintenance Checks 

Keeping your car running and safe means that you should be carrying out regular checks on your vehicle to make sure that it is in full running order. This should mean that you check your oil levels using the car’s dipstick. To do this, pull the dipstick out and wipe off any oil with a rag. Then, slide the stick back in and out again. You will notice that there are indicator lines near the end of the stick. You should check that the oil is between these two markers. If it is low, then you should top up your oil with the correct oil for your car. If you allow your car’s oil to dry up, your engine will seize up, which could mean that you need to replace the entire engine. 

You should check that you have plenty of screenwash. In the winter, this is even more critical, and you should make sure that it is highly concentrated so that it does not freeze. 

Check the tread on your tyres often. There are indicators on your tyres that show when your car is unsafe to drive. Without the proper grip, your car may skid. 

Bodywork Matters

If you have a crash that is not critical, it is important that you get your bodywork checked out and repaired. While it may appear that you have only had superficial damage to your vehicle, all it would take is for something to be weakened or bent in a way that you cannot see to make your car unsafe to drive. Take it to a specialist garage such as Dicksons accident repair centre where mechanics can have a proper look at it and repair it as necessary. 

The Right Level Of Cover

Insurance is obviously a legal necessity for driving on any road. But, there are obviously different levels of cover available. The minimum requirement may only be that you cover other road users against an accident that you may cause. However, you have no protection for yourself or your vehicle in this situation. Make sure that you opt for a comprehensive policy and pay attention to the excess levels set by the insurer. While accidents may be rare and will hopefully never happen, the last thing that you want after the trauma of being in a crash is to have to worry about out of pocket expenses and complex legal matters relating to your accident.