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How To Make The Most Of Your Trade Show Presence

How To Make The Most Of Your Trade Show Presence

When it comes to marketing your business, paying for a spot at a trade show is an excellent idea. This is your opportunity to talk about your business, showcase your product or service, and in the process, hopefully, gain new clients. Despite the expense, the cost should be worth it. However, to ensure this is the case, here are some tips on making the most of your trade show presence.

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  • Pay for a decent location. At the trade show, location is everything. You don’t want to find yourself relegated to a corner of the show that is going to attract the least footfall, so book your spot early, so you don’t miss out on a prime location. Sure, you might have to pay an extra charge for the privilege, but if the spot guarantees you a better chance of future business, you should definitely consider spending a little more money.
  • Make an effort with your booth. No matter where you are at the trade show, be that front and center or hidden away in that corner we mentioned, you should still make an effort with your trade booth. If you can afford it, use the services of custom exhibition stand builders, and use bright and colorful signs, and optimum lighting, to ensure potential clients don’t ignore you and walk on by.
  • Be approachable. A smile will make all the difference! Sure, you might feel like a grinning cat throughout the show, but people are hardly likely to approach you if you appear distant and uninterested in talking to them. Flash your smile, say hello to passersby, and ensure any helpers you have at the event do likewise. You can then answer any questions people have, and hopefully, pick up a client or two along the way.
  • Give something away. No, we aren’t just talking about your business card, although we will come to that in a moment. Rather, give away freebies, be that sweets from a bowl on your stand, refreshments for hungry and thirsty visitors, and more effectively, any promotional items that are plastered with your brand, such as pens, caps, and drinkware. Admittedly, some people will only come to your stand for the freebies you are offering, but you will still have the chance to grab their attention, and should they pick up your branded items, they won’t be able to forget you in a hurry.
  • Walk around the show. You shouldn’t leave your trade booth unattended, but if you do have helpers to man your booth for you, you might then have the opportunity to do a tour of the show yourself. Armed with your business cards, and wearing a branded t-shirt (to further market your business), talk to anybody who might profit your business. These might be the people you can enlist as clients, or it might be other business owners who could somehow benefit your business. You might also pick up a few hints and tips from other trade booths, giving you ideas for your return visit next year.

When it comes to trade shows, planning is everything. You might only waste money otherwise, especially if you don’t get as many clients as you would like from the event. Consider our tips then, and hopefully, you will achieve business success through your trade show presence.