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How You Can Save Money When It Comes to Cars

How You Can Save Money When It Comes to Cars

Owning and running a car is a considerable expense, so it is no surprise that motorists are always looking for ways to reduce their driving costs. Luckily,  there are actually plenty of different ways that you can do this, and when you put them together, it can have a significant effect on your finances in the long term. Keep on reading for a few tips to help you save a few quid when it comes to both buying and running a vehicle.

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Buying Used

Everybody loves the idea of driving a brand new car, such as the new Mercedes GT, but these can cost a fortune, so it is worth having a look at purchasing a used car from a reputable dealership. Many places will also allow you to buy a vehicle on finance which can make it an awful lot easier to manage your money. It is also worth seeing if you can negotiate a price with the dealer as you could save a few hundred pounds if you know how to bargain  and there is a lot of handy information for how to do this online



When making a decision on what car to purchase, always consider how economical it is as this will have a massive effect on the running costs. A smaller vehicle with high returns will enable you to make more significant savings over time, as well as being a lot better for the environment too. As well as this, these cars also cost a lot less to tax – remember, you do not have to pay any road tax on electric vehicles.

If you do own a car that runs on fuel, then it’s important to get your car regularly serviced to ensure it’s not emitting too many emissions, and you might be wondering where to get your car smogged in California. Thankfully SmogMart offer the latest advanced Smog Test Machines and highly experienced smog technicians. Less emissions that are emitted from your car, the less you’ll have to pay on road tax.


Another significant expense is keeping on top of the maintenance of the car. Be sure to stick to your car’s maintenance schedule and regularly make sure that the tyres are inflated to the right level. There are a lot of DIY maintenance jobs that you can do yourself which could help you to make substantial savings.

Reduce Insurance

Insurance can be incredibly expensive, particularly for young or new drivers. Thankfully, there are a few different ways that you can reduce your car insurance such as increasing your voluntary excess, securing your car, doing fewer miles and having a black box fitted. Again, shopping around and using comparison websites can help you to find a great deal on insurance.

Drive Sensibly

Making a few minor adjustments to the way that you drive can also have a big effect on the running expenses. Quick acceleration, harsh braking, and speeding can all lower the amount of miles you get out of a tank and age the vehicle, so try to drive smoothly and avoid idling if possible.

These are just a few of the ways that you can reduce the amount of money spent on buying and running a car. Driving is an enormous expense and especially if you spend a significant amount of time behind the wheel. Try a few of the above in combination with each other, and you could make some huge savings over time.

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