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Is There Money Hidden in Your Clutter?

Is There Money Hidden in Your Clutter?

Clutter can be a surprisingly good source of money–if you know how to organise it!

Many of us end up building huge collections of clutter that we store away in cupboards, boxes, or even in our basement. These boxes can end up accumulating faster than you’d think, especially if you have kids that love to buy the latest toys, video games, and electronics.

As such, you might end up building a large collection of clutter that is actually worth something. So in this post, we’re going to take a look at how you can differentiate the gems from the junk and finally sort out your home.

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Selling unwanted electronics

Whether they’re in working condition or not, you can actually sell your unwanted electronics and make a bit of money from them. Electronics tend to be a great source of precious metals, making them prime targets for recycling. However, if the devices you have lying around are in working condition, then you could just sell them as-is and make a bit of cash from it.

You can sell your electronics directly back to the manufacturer if they’re still new. For example, Apple offers trade-ins for older devices and you can get store credit towards your next purchase.

Getting rid of gift cards

Gift cards are a surprisingly good source of money as well, especially if you have a collection of unused ones. While gift cards do sometimes expire, you can actually sell Walmart gift cards and gift cards from other major brands by using online services. You simply give them your code and they’ll check if it’s legitimate, then they’ll credit your bank account with the value. It’s simple, easy, and helps you unload unwanted gift cards.

While most people don’t like the idea of selling gifts, gift cards tend to be left unused because you’re often forced to buy from specific stores. In many cases, you can often get those items cheaper on the internet, hence why many people prefer not to use gift cards these days.

Selling old collectables

Whether it’s comic books, trading cards, or even video games, there’s a good chance that you have something collectable in your clutter. With old trading cards selling for thousands and even video games going for hundreds (even without their original boxes!) your unwanted clutter could be hiding many gems that are worth a lot of money.

If you’ve been spending your money smartly over the years then there’s a good chance that you already trade in old video games and sell collectables when they’re worth a lot of money. However, you could still have some out-of-print items that are no longer being made. This is where the money is and it’s where you’ll get the most value from selling your clutter. Just don’t get too excited as the items generally need to be in good condition, hence why you should always take care of your stuff so that it’s worth more later in life!

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