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Making You Smile With a Full Dental Makeover

Making You Smile With a Full Dental Makeover

Very few people are satisfied with their appearance. Overall, they look at the newest makeup trends or how to blend the products they already have, and, if all else fails there are makeup life hacks, right? Center to all facial aesthetics is and probably always will be the mouth and teeth. And that is where full smile makeovers in Glasgow come in. This sort of makeover is structured around trying to achieve an aesthetic goal and leveraging all of the tools and techniques of dentistry to make that happen. 

What happens during a dental makeover?

Most dental makeovers have three main components: assessment, treatment and review. During the assessment, it is all about communicating exactly what you want to achieve in your appearance and looking at the overall structure of your face and your current tooth placement. Your tooth health and shade will also be assessed and they will be compared to either your natural skin tone or the skin tone you normally have after makeup. The idea is to develop a holistic approach to how your appearance will work in combination.

Once the assessment has been completed, a treatment schedule will be written up, it may involve one or more procedures and may implement them sequentially or in parallel to others. This will depend on the skill of your dentist and what procedures they have available in their clinic. As such, it pays to shop around and find dental surgeries specialised in providing oral makeovers, with staff who are experienced in beauty standards and understand the artistry of fine aesthetics. 

Following the treatment plan is the review, which is all about checking if the goals have been achieved, if the treatments have been 100% successful or if any further procedures could or should be considered.

Exactly how a treatment schedule would look depends on the individual, but they often contain scales and polishes and tooth lightening. Makeovers can also involve more invasive procedures like orthodontics to work on realigning teeth, which may continue for several months, using aesthetically sensitive tools like aligners or invisible braces. Sometimes, in cases where teeth are missing, this is finished using veneers to get a final symmetrical appearance to your smile. Particularly for the most visible 8 teeth at the front, oral implants can be used to seamlessly close gaps. 

Finding the right provider

The procedures used in dental makeovers are commonplace in that all clinics use them. In order to achieve the highest standard finish, dental practitioners require a skill set that is not explicitly part of a standard dental degree. You should look for providers who go above and beyond when it comes to sending their staff for additional training, particularly ones experienced in facial anatomy and aesthetics. 

Depending on the treatment schedule, you may have to visit your dentist quite a bit throughout your dental makeover; so, make sure that you also click with them on a personal level as this will help you enjoy your visits and better communicate your needs.

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