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Maximalist Lounge Ideas To Appeal To Your Brighter Side

Maximalist Lounge Ideas To Appeal To Your Brighter Side

You’ve probably read a lot about minimalism over the last few years, about how it’s the ‘in thing’ and everybody should be getting rid of most of their belongings to be on trend. However, there are many people who rebel against minimalism. Whether you want to call it anti-minimalism or maximalism doesn’t matter – what matters is that you are true to yourself and show your personality in your decor, rather than following trends!

If you’re the kind of person who loves clashing colours and patterns, and loves to show off various interesting things you love in your home, this guide is for you. Take a look at a few of our maximalist ideas to appeal to your brighter side.

Create A Gallery Wall

How about starting by creating a gallery wall? Choose a blank wall with no windows or doors, and then display your favourite pictures, artwork, and quotes on it. You can create a super eclectic look by selecting frames and images of different sizes. You might want to unify them in some way, though, perhaps by picking a colour that can be found in all of them. Lay your pieces out on the floor beforehand to make sure they look right before you make holes in your wall.

Show Off Your Books

Books are a great piece to have in your maximalist room. Have a bookshelf, or stack some on your coffee table. They bring in a ‘lived in’ feel and they can definitely tell people a thing or two about your personality.

Arrange Your Souvenirs

You’ve probably brought souvenirs back from trips, or maybe people you love have purchased souvenirs for you. Find ways to show these off. You might be able to show them off on your feature wall, or simply arrange some of them on your mantle. They’ll bring interest and allow you to tell a story in your lounge.


Layer Cushions and Rugs

Layering cushions and rugs is a wonderful way of bringing some extra ‘oomph’ to your lounge. Your cushions don’t have to be uniformed. Again, it’s all about creating balance and unifying with one thing, but other than that you can choose what you like! A colourful rug can instantly perk up a space, and you can even layer these if you want to.

Remember To Find A Balance

You must be eclectic while still thinking carefully about your design. You don’t want everything haphazardly thrown together, so you need to find balance in your decor. When the various items and shapes in a room are balanced, you can usually add more texture and colour without worrying about it looking strange or too distracting. Focus on symmetry!

Only Bring Things You Love Into Your Home

Only ever purchase and bring things you really love into your home. Don’t buy anything for the sake of being eclectic.  

Know The Difference Between Design And Clutter  

There’s a difference between a thought out design and clutter. Lots of small ornaments might look good in a certain area, but too many of them and you stand to create too much visual clutter. Be smart!