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Newborn essentials checklist- Everything your baby needs!

Newborn essentials checklist- Everything your baby needs!

Getting ready to welcome a new member into the family can be very exciting and overwhelming. You might have started your preparation already. And, one of the most important tasks is filling your home with the baby essentials. With so many types and options available, choosing the right baby essentials can be a bit hard for new mothers. 

However, essentials don’t mean you end up buying everything you find appealing in the market—many of the items, such as fancy dresses and heavy toys your baby doesn’t even need. As for the initial days, we advise you to start with a minimalist approach to achieve the needs of an infant simply. 

So, here’s the list of basic necessities you and your baby need. Once you set them all in your home, you’ll feel more prepared to welcome a new life in your house. 

So, let’s get started!! 


Designing a nursery for your tiny infant can be one of the proud moments for an expecting mother. Be sure that you’re choosing a safe place for your kid, where they can sleep, play and grow peacefully. 

Many elements can make an adorable nursery for your kid. But the list of basics is here- follow it and create a comfortable and secured nursery for them. 


A crib comes on the top of the list of nursery essentials. Initially, your infant will snooze for at least 16-18 hours a day, so it’s important to provide them a safe crib to sleep peacefully. Luckily, markets are flooded with a wide variety of cribs that you can choose for your baby. One of them is a converting crib, which can be adjusted according to your baby’s growth with time. Also, according to your budget and comfort, you can opt from any of them. 


While looking for a mattress, its quality should be a priority. A good quality mattress will serve you in the long run, so spending a good amount on it will be worth it. Make sure you’re investing in a firm mattress with a soft and safe surface. And, keep in mind that the bed shouldn’t be more than 6 inches thick. It will secure your child from falls. 

-Follow these nursery safety tips to secure the well being of your child- 

  • Sudden Baby Death Syndrome (SIDS) is one of the most common dangers to newborns. As per the research, around 91 deaths per 100,000 live births happens due to SIDS. To keep your baby safe from such threats, make sure they are placed on their back while sleeping. 
  • The mattress surface should be firm, soft, and flat. 
  • Make sure that the crib is clutter-free. There shouldn’t be unnecessary pillows, blankets, or toys. It increases the chances of baby suffocation. 
  • If you use sleepers to keep your baby warm, ensure that you’re using zipper sleepers. Open sleepers can ride upon a baby’s face and can potentially cause breathing problems. 


With so many options available, purchasing clothes for your baby can be overwhelming. But we won’t advise you to overfill the newborn’s wardrobe already. 

A basic checklist of clothing is a great way to start with what your child really needs in baby clothes. As an essential thing, think about the function not the fashion of the clothes. 

Plus, babies grow quickly, and the pile of expensive designer dresses will be no less than wasting money, so choose them wisely. 

Here’s the clothing checklist you need to check- 


In their initial growth days, babies are supposed to be wrapped in grow suits for at least one month. So, prefer adding onesies to your child’s wardrobe. Make sure you’re buying the onesies with zippers; they’ll make changing easier for you and your baby both. But, even child’s clothes can be fashionable too. You can buy onesies in bright colors, dotted prints, and animal designs online to make your baby look attractive. 

-Pants and leggings

Pants and leggings are some of the most comfortable clothing sets your child should have. Until you potty train your baby, their pants are going to be ruined often. Pants and leggings are the easiest pairs you can change quietly. You can pair them with the sets of tops and cardigans to complete the outfit. 

-Hats and booties 

You may not consider it, but hats are also an essential part of your kid’s dressing. As they are born with fontanelle, the hospitals will also require hats to cover an infant’s head. And, for colder months, beanies are a great option. They’ll keep your baby’s head warmer. 

Similarly, booties and mittens are important to cover the delicate hands and toes of your child. Covering the parts of your baby will keep them warm and prevent scratches on their body. 

Things you should take care of while buying clothes for your infant- 

  • Infants born with delicate skin, hard fabrics can cause rashes and skin problems. To prevent such issues, make sure you’re opting for natural materials such as organic cotton. 
  • If you opt for purchasing the clothes online, they’ll provide you with a size chart, fill the chart according to your child’s age and get the right fitted dresses. This is because unfitted clothes can be problematic for a baby. 


Bathing an infant really seems like an uphill task. And, if you don’t pick up the right products, it can become even more difficult. As babies born with delicate skin, one shouldn’t use regular products with them. So, here’s the list of necessary items you need to add to your baby bathing sessions. 


A small and compact bathtub will make bathing your baby a lot easier. It will also provide them a separate place to bathe. This will help you to secure your baby from various infections. Make sure you’re also keeping a separate towel for them. A hooded towel will be best suitable for drying the kid after the bath. 

-Soap and shampoo

Never use your regular soaps and shampoos. They can be harsh for their soft skin. Always consider using baby products for them. Choose non- tears formula products, and make sure you are opting for trustworthy brands. 

Wrapping up 

Welcoming a new life in the house is one of the most rewarding feelings one can have. But that comes with great responsibility. Even a slight oversight can result in a huge hazard. And, no one can see their kid suffering, right? 

Make sure you’re keeping an eye on your kids 24×7 to ensure their safety. Also, you can take the help of parenting classes to know what your child really needs. However, don’t worry!! We know you’ll be the best mother ever—all the best for your new journey.