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One2One In B2B And Freelance: Developing Your People Skills

One2One In B2B And Freelance: Developing Your People Skills

Whatever your career choice, whether it’s developing your entrepreneurial ambitions, or you are into the blogging side of things, networking is a fundamental skill we all have to master. For a lot of us, networking is incredibly intimidating, but when it comes to developing people skills, it is a necessary evil. So, for those that have no idea where to begin, or you are looking to sharpen your networking edges, what are the best skills for all of us to have?

The Power Of Questions

This is one of the best ways to build relationships easily. If you have a million questions in your back pocket, it’s a great way to keep a conversation going. We all know that nobody likes to talk about the other person, but likes to talk about themselves. In terms of networking, when everybody is keen to push themselves forward, by asking a lot of questions, you’re putting the person at ease, and you are developing that bond.

Know Your Limitations

Knowing what you’re good at, means also knowing what you are bad at. We all know what we can do to an extent, but it’s the skilled person who knows their limitations. There are so many great resources out there, such as Training Connection’s business skill resources and various valid resources online. But the person who knows their limitations and can understand where they need to improve, can look at these resources and turn them into something useful so they can improve.

Be You

Of course, to thine own self, be true, but networking can involve a lot of hiding behind their keyboard now. If you can be the person in real life that you are online, this immediately shows you to be the real deal. There are so many fakers online that don’t stop pushing themselves forward, asking questions, and generally pushing their ego, but when it comes to being in person, they are nothing like what they are online. This can be a good thing, but this can be a bad thing. If you get a fundamental understanding of what you are like as a person, and you can translate this into your online communication, this puts you head and shoulders above so many others.

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Know What Makes You Stand Out

And much like knowing your limitations, if you understand what makes you different, you shouldn’t shy away from this. You need to embrace it, it’s a good thing! Being unique is what every business marketer demands from the product, and if you have a unique ability to do something, this separates you from the crowd.

Whether you’ve been at it for a long time, or you are new to business, people skills can be learnt. It’s never too late, and the more you develop your people skills, the better you will be at building relationships, and therefore, the more you will learn. It’s not about being selfish and bloated when it comes to networking, it’s about making the other person feel at ease, and if you understand this at the outset, it’s going to serve you very well during your entrepreneurial or freelance career.

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