I Don’t Want The School Holidays To End!

Not long until the kids are back to school! I can literally hear the sigh of relief from a lot of you!

I’ve got to admit, I have loved every second of the summer holidays with Dinky, he’s really come into himself as a character and his behavior has improved massively.

Before the summer holidays, I was struggling with his behavior because he was very much chatting me back, doing everything opposite to what I had asked and in general, being a little pain in the bum.

So what changed?

Once the summer holidays started, I decided to start this trust routine with him. Before, whenever I left the room I’d have to drag him with me because I’d be worried about him trashing the place or messing around with Mr. Pie’s gaming consoles. I decided to give him the option to show me that I can trust him, and he prevailed wonderfully. So, from then on I was introducing new ways of parenting him and he’s taken so well to it. He used to really freak out if something broke or he knew he had done something wrong, but now he calmly tells me what’s happened and we resolve it together.

He used to interrupt if I was talking to anybody but him, but now he will patiently wait by my side and lightly tap my shoulder. Little things like that have totally improved and I’m so proud of the little person that he is becoming.

So, he’s about to start year one at school, and that’s something I’m quite anxious about because of how much going to reception upset him at first. He’s now used to his routine there, and learning through play seems to work out really well for him. I know that going into year one there will be more ‘work’ as such, and I hope he settles into that as well as he has done with learning through play.

Also, I think part of me wants to keep my baby boy at home and enjoy this amazing behavior he has adopted for a little longer, before the attitudes he picks up from school come back!

How many of you don’t want the school holidays to end? What year will your little one be going into?

Health Essentials For Happy Holidays

Going on a holiday is a great way to relax and recharge your batteries. Holidays can be restorative, but if you were to find yourself hurt or ill during your trip, it could soon turn into a nightmare. To ensure a safe and healthy holiday, this list of essentials could be what you need to make sure you’re prepared for anything.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is an absolute essential when going away. Travel insurance ensures you’re covered against various possibilities including lost luggage, theft and any medical treatment you may need to receive while you’re away. It’s worth reading up on how to choose the right travel insurance so that you can pick the right policy for you. Travel insurance is a small expense to pay versus what you could be paying if something were to happen. Having an annual policy may be the best thing for you if you travel often, and can work out cheaper than buying multiple policies.

First aid kit

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Having some supplies of the usual items you’d have at home can avoid those panicked trips to find a local pharmacy while you’re away. Pack a small kit that contains some plasters and dressings, antibacterial wipes, medication and some treatments for bites/sunburn. If you avoid liquids over 100ml, you can put these in your carry on luggage in case something should happen to your hold suitcase. If you’re not sure of what to include, the NHS Choices website has an excellent list of what to pack for your travel first aid kit.  Always check your first aid kit before setting off on holiday and make sure you restock any items that you use up.


Before you book your holiday, you should check which, if any, vaccinations are required before you travel. Last-minute holidays to exotic destinations may seem like a great bargain but if you are leaving it too close to get the right vaccinations, it may not be worth the risk. If you struggle to get an appointment with your GP, you should try services like samedaydoctor who could give you an appointment the same day to get the vaccinations you need. Research your destination carefully and make sure that you and all the family are up to date with your vaccinations.

Sun protection

It’s a given that you’ll need sun protection during your holiday abroad. Many people, however, still fail to use the right sun protection which can cause many problems. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and if you’re not 100% sure how to protect yourself and others properly – this useful advice from Cancer Research UK could help. While sunburn is a clear consequence of wearing the wrong level of sun protection, you could also have to deal with premature aging and even skin cancer. Provided you tan safely, there’s no reason why you can’t return from your travels with a gorgeous glow, that can be maintained by following steps to keep your tan looking healthy for longer.


Holidays should be a fun time for all the family. Make sure you have the best trip away by being prepared with your health essentials to stay happy and healthy during your travels.


Drama With Money And Home Improvements

For over a year now, Mr. Pie and I have wanted to buy our own house. I’m not going to go into lots of detail, but we’ve had some money difficulties which have prevented us from being able to do so.

We’ve decided to sell our flat while we’re still living here because it seems like the fastest and most cost effective way of doing it. We had originally planned to buy our house before we sell where we are living now because it needs doing up (big time), but we have decided to give it a go while we’re all still living here.

The most important room of the flat needs completely ripping out and refurbishing. Our kitchen is honestly a shit hole. The room itself is quite large with high ceilings, but the cupboards are small and old. The oven is integrated, but I’m pretty sure it’s older than I am. The room needs totally pulling out and starting again from scratch.

The property doesn’t have much storage, so we’re going to have to install some. The carpets were ruined by the last tenants that we rented the flat out to, so some of the carpets and other flooring will need to be replaced.

The whole process at the moment seems very daunting to us both, but we are determined to get to where we want in life. Neither of us though is very handy with DIY so that’s more money that’s going to come out of our pockets.

I’ve decided to begin a home improvement section on my blog, to document our progress and hopefully get some tips from everyone!

Has anyone else been in my situation before? If so, how did you get out of it?

How Being A Mum Can Be The Best Workout

Being a busy mum is a 24/7 job, and once you’ve signed up; there’s always going to be plenty to keep you active. Therefore, it can be difficult to find the time to get to the gym for a workout and get home again; not to mention the added stress of finding childcare and ensuring that everything around the house is ready for the next day. However, there are some tasks and activities you can do; and it’s all part of being a mum. The following are some hints and tips on how to make “mumming” into a workout, to help you feel fit, healthy, and full of life.

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At-Home Chores


Unless you’re lucky enough to have a cleaner; the chances are that you do your household tidying and cleaning yourself. You can make even the dullest of chores into a mini workout, which will save you the time and money a gum visit may cost. Accentuate movements when it comes to wiping surfaces, hoovering the living room, and mopping the kitchen; push and stretch your limbs and create your own pilates session. Check out some free online tutorials for workouts, yoga, and pilates (with a cuppa) and see what movements you could pop into making the house sparkle.


Stairs provide the perfect environment for a cardio workout; when you’re lugging the vacuum up there, or picking up toys (thanks for the hazards little one), run up and down them as much as you can. Running and cardio will get the blood pumping through your veins, increase your fitness, and provide you with some endorphins to get you through to the school run.


Get As Active As Your Kids


If it’s time to take the buggy around the park; pop your trainers on and power walk, jog, or you could even run (little ones will love it). For older children; get involved in playing with them by joining in on the climbing frame, and lifting them up as much as possible. Again, anything that improves your heart rate and circulation is better than sitting on a bench and doing nothing; it doesn’t have to be every time, just when you feel you could use a fitness boost.


It’s about squeezing what you can into your busy life; make sure you check with a healthcare professional or use an online doctor app if you notice any negative effects from your lifestyle change. If illness or injuries are worrying you; it’s always best to seek advice and a second opinion so that you know you’re doing the best for your body and wellbeing.


Know When To Take A Breather


Give yourself regular respite and relax when you need to; overworking your body will cause stress, fatigue, and impact your mental health. Therefore, it’s vital that you know when it’s time to sit and take a breather, enjoy the T.V for a bit, and socialize with friends, so you can get back to being a great mum (and doing your mum workouts). Looking after your inner health and making yourself a priority will ensure you have a fulfilled and happy family home.


Everything You Need To Know About Your Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that affects over 4 million people in the UK alone. Sometimes, people don’t even realize they have diabetes until they have a hypo, and they visit their GP to find out what’s going on. Sometimes they’re visiting their GP for other reasons and their diabetes shows up in a blood test.

What are the symptoms of diabetes?

Lack of energy

Feeling dizzy

Excessive thirst

Increased urination, especially at night

Blurry vision

Recurring illnesses

Scrapes, cuts or spots that take longer than normal to heal

Feeling hungry all of the time

How is diabetes diagnosed?

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it’s wise to go and speak to your GP, who will arrange an hBa1c blood test for you. This will measure the glucose in your blood, and when your results come in, your Doctor will be able to confirm whether or not you have diabetes.

Depending on how high your blood sugar levels are, the Doctor will also be able to determine whether you have type 1 or type 2. This needs to be confirmed to determine whether or not you will have to take medication, inject insulin, or have a massive change in lifestyle.

If you GP is recommending that you change your diet and lifestyle, then it’s likely that you have pre-diabetes. Ask your Doctor to confirm this. If it is the case, you have a chance of reversing it and living your life free of the disease.

Will I have to change my lifestyle?

In short, yes. Even if you are put on medication for your diabetes, you will need to make some changes to your lifestyle. Swapping fizzy drinks for juices and water and cutting out food that has a high sugar content would be a good place to start.

If you choose to ignore the chance to change your lifestyle choices, you could find yourself having regular hypos. In some cases, they can be life threatening.

You can also expect to visit your Doctor every six months or so. This is because you will be invited in to check your blood sugar level and then have a consultation with either your Doctor or a trained nurse to talk through your results. They can then decide whether you need to change your dose of medication. They will also give you advice on how you can improve the current state of your diabetes.

Who gets diabetes?

Anyone can get the disease. Having diabetes is a scary thought for anyone, and unfortunately, many of us will get the disease at some point in our lives. Normally though, people tend to get the disease after the age of 45. There are some circumstances that could mean you will get it earlier in life. These are:


Pregnant (gestational diabetes)

It’s hereditary in some families

If you have high blood pressure and low good cholesterol, this can turn into diabetes too.

What else can I expect?

You will also be invited once a year to have your eyes screened at your closest retinopathy center. This is because diabetes is known for damaging the retina in your eyes, which can lead to the loss of your sight. Attending these appointments are essential, and shouldn’t be something that you just shrug off.

You can also expect to receive letters in the post inviting you to attend sessions aimed at supporting people with diabetes. Although these aren’t essential, it’s a good idea to attend at least one to see if you take any useful information away.

Is there anything I can do to help prevent getting diabetes?

Luckily, there are some things that you can do to help prevent you from getting the disease. These are:

Eating healthy

Maintaining a healthy weight for your height (BMI)

Ensuring that you’re getting enough good cholesterol

Reducing the amount of sugar you consume

Regularly exercising

Diabetes doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds, as long as you take care of yourself (even if you have the disease), then you can still lead a very long life.


Amazing Alternative Ideas for First Dates


First dates can be nerve-wracking. Many people dread the thought of sitting at a plush restaurant, trying to make conversation when there’s nothing much around to react to. So why not opt for a more relaxed or alternative first date setting? Here are some fun first date suggestions that will keep things moving smoothly, making it easier break the ice and prevent any awkward silences!

Get outdoors

A lot of people think about indoor venues for first dates, but why not head out? Whether you live by the beach or you’re a stone’s throw from the forest, it’s the perfect time of year for outdoor dates. Take a picnic down to the lake and hire a boat out. Get the adrenaline pumping with a zip wire ride or a treetop walk. Go for a bike ride or lay back and soak up the rays by the sea. In the summer months, look out for one-off events, such as outdoor movie screenings and pop-up theatre shows.

Dance the night away!

If you’re up for a laugh and you fancy getting up close and personal, a dance lesson offers a fun and flirty first date. Get those hips moving with a salsa class or embrace the sophistication of times gone by with a romantic waltz. Whatever your preferred style of dance, there are bound to be dancing classes for you both. Treat yourself to a well-earned cocktail and a freestyle whirl around the dance floor afterward. If you love the class, you could make it a regular thing – it makes for amazing exercise!

Get the blood pumping!

Okay, yes, dancing will certainly get the blood pumping. But I’m talking about something with a little more thrill… in fact, perhaps something with an element of fright to it! Theme parks make for a great day out and are an excellent option for both laid-back first dates or thrilling ones. Scary rides can definitely be a fun way to break the ice; if that’s too much for you, then you can try to win a giant cuddly toy for your date. (Classic, I know.) The best theme parks have all kinds of different entertainment on offer, so do your research before you go. If theme parks aren’t for you but you’re looking for an edgy thrill, then a horror movie may be your best bet. See if there are cinemas nearby that are showing old classics like Scream or Nightmare on Elm Street!

Some competition

Nothing gets people talking like a competition. Visit your local karting track and take each other on in a race to the chequered flag. Jumpsuits may not be the most flattering first date outfit. But your date will be entertaining and you’ll have plenty of time to impress in another outfit afterward!

First dates can be awkward, but they can also be awesome. Try to focus on the awesome part! Choose a date which is fun and gives you both plenty to talk about. Take each other on, learn a new skill, or get your pulses racing. Most importantly, stay calm and enjoy the experience!


4 Simple Ways to Cleanse the Body

The process of detoxing is one that is often talked about in the health and wellness sector. Essentially, this involves people making certain lifestyle changes that help to clear the body of toxins which are things that cause negative health effects.

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People do this through various different methods. Some will use specific programs designed by companies like nutritionalcleanse.co.uk, while others will choose their own path. In our daily lives, we constantly come into contact with substances that may cause us harm – they are pretty much impossible to avoid. Your body is constantly working to remove these toxins, so here are a few ways that you can give in a helping hand.

Choose the Best Foods

What you put into your body on a regular basis makes all the difference. So, you can help your body out by avoiding some of the toxins that you put into your body in the first place. In many cases, making the distinction between ‘good’ and ‘bad food types should be fairly obvious. Foods that are heavily processed should be avoided as much as possible, while organic fruits and vegetables will provide you with various essential nutrients. What constitutes a detoxifying diet really varies from person to person, and while some decide to live a vegan lifestyle, others go for an all-juice cleanse.

Exercise and Meditation

Both exercise and meditation can work side-by-side in a good program of detoxing. Exercising causes you to sweat which, in turn, promotes the release of toxins through the skin. And many people also view detoxifying the mind as an important part of this process which is where meditation comes in. When you have a lot of negative thoughts running through your mind, the physical body can end up not functioning as well as it could do.

Purify the Air You Breathe

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If you are breathing clean air, you can reduce your overall exposure to toxins. Obviously, you can’t control the whole environment, but you can make a difference in your own home. One of the ways that you can make a difference is through an air purification device, but a more natural way of affecting the air within your home is with a few house plants which help to filter out the air.

Drink More Water

Pretty much every piece of information that you find regarding detoxifying includes drinking more water. All of the body’s most basic functions require plenty of water, and removing waste through perspiration and urine are just two of them. Many people substitute water for some kind of alternative, but pure water is always going to be the best substance to drink. If you are one of those people who forgets to drink enough water, try setting a reminder on your phone.

The best kind of detoxifying requires various different lifestyle changes, and the above methods are just a few of the most common. Try a few to see what a difference they could make to your health and life.   


How To Actually Be Happy With The Way You Look

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Everybody has some grievance with their appearance, but that’s to be expected. We notice the blemishes that nobody else notices and we see the small weight gains or losses that nobody else notices. If you want to be happy with the way you look then you need to make changes for yourself. That’s the most important thing. Don’t look the way you think other people want you to look. Act on your behalf. Here are some tips to help you on that journey.

Exercise and dieting.

People have such a bad relationship with these two things, and it’s because we often fall into the trap of thinking there are only two extremes: you either go hard or you don’t do it at all. This isn’t the case. Exercising could mean a 10 minute jog around your local park; you don’t need to hit the gym for 10 hours. Eating well isn’t about starving yourself either. You can cut out some bad foods, but you need the good foods (not all calories are evil). You might want to read about the HCG diet because it’s also a fascinating approach to losing weight and being healthier; there’s a strong link between the HCG hormone and your metabolism, so it could help your efforts. Of course, there is no magic fix, and even methods such as this require your adherence to a strict diet and exercise regime.

If the thought of exercising and eating well frustrates and bores you then you’re approaching it in the wrong way. It shouldn’t seem like a chore. You need to find something that works for you. Rather than banning sugary snacks from your life, have the occasional biscuit or chocolate bar as a treat after a healthy and balanced meal (you’ll enjoy it more). What matters is finding a diet you can stick to permanently; a good variety will help with this because you won’t be starving yourself of anything important in your diet and you won’t feel the need to suddenly binge on snack foods because you’ll be getting a good filling variety of proteins, nutrients, vitamins, and so on. Eating a good combination of vegetables, fruits, and low-sugar high-protein foods is a good start. You’ll have the appearance you want, and you’ll be doing it in a healthy way.

Your skin.

If you want to improve the appearance of your skin then that probably says a lot about your health. Of course, that’s a good thing; you now have the motivation to look after your body more effectively in that you want your skin to look nicer. What you might not realize is that even things as simple as sleep deprivation and not drinking enough water could be leading your skin to look dry or acne-ridden. You need water to keep your skin hydrated, and you need sleep so that your body can repair its damaged cells. Stop denying yourself both of these things and you’ll definitely notice an improvement in your skin’s appearance.

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Fashion and confidence.

Fashion is a huge factor in your appearance, but confidence is the biggest part of this. Why do you think celebrities look good even when they make wacky and “vintage” fashion decisions? The answer is that they’re confident in the way they look. In fact, you’ve probably seen people walk down the street in bold clothes before. They don’t look better in that thing than you; they just feel better in it than you would, and that’s why it works for them. You just need to find a style that makes you comfortable. The only objectively crucial thing is that the clothes fit you well too. Go for that tailor-made look.

5 Tips To Keep Your Body Looking Tanned For Longer

Now and over the next six weeks, there’ll be a special breed of human returning to the UK after lapping up the sun in a far-flung, exotic destination: The Tanned Man/Woman. These folks walk among us, looking healthy, attractive, and as if they have a tale or two to tell. You might be one yourself. If you are, you’ll want to hold on to this state of being for as long as possible. Below, we offer five tips that’ll help you keep your tan for as long as possible.

Source: Pexels.com

Know How To Tan

A longer lasting, more even tan begins with knowing how to get that healthy glow in the first place. We know, it can be tempting to lie in the sun for as long as possible, waiting for the sun to do its thing. But this is a mistake. The best method is tan slowly. You’ll need to wear plenty of sun lotion and avoid spending too long in the sun at any one time. Start small; say, 20 minutes or so of sun exposure, and then gradually increase it as the holiday moves along.

Keeping Skin Healthy

Any degree of tan is a form of skin damage, but it’s not one that’ll cause you any long term effects if you’ve tanned properly. However, you’ll still need to correct the ‘damage’ that you’ve done to your skin, and this means making sure you have plenty of remedies in your cupboards. Throw on enough skin care products to keep your skin from drying out, and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, too. It’s an essential part of keeping your skin sufficiently moisturized.

Trick of the Eye

You might want to buy some new clothes when you’re back in the UK. Remember, a tan is all relative. When you were in the Mediterranean (or wherever you hopped to), you’ll have looked positively pasty next to the locals. Back in England, you’ll look tanned. You can accentuate this look by wearing colours that bring out your brown look, specifically white. Even when your tan fades slightly, there’ll still be signs of that tan.

You’ve Made It, Now Fake It

Your tan doesn’t have to be entirely natural. You might have picked up your tan from tanning yourself on the beaches of Europe, but you’ll have few opportunities to keep your tan topped up when you’re back in grey old Blighty. Pick up a bottle of fake tan and gradually blend it in as your tan begins to fade. People will already be used to seeing you with a tan, so it’ll all look natural – whether you decide to tell them the truth is entirely up to you.

Back on the Plane

Not that you needed another excuse to head back to the sunshine, but…tans do work best when they’re spread out over a longer period. If you had the option, it would be better to have two single week holidays two months apart, rather than having a two-week trip all in one go.

The Habits Harming Your Skin

We all care about our skin, keeping it looking healthier, younger, and smoother. At least, we should, given how much some of us end up spending on our skin care treatment. But it isn’t all down to making sure you’re applying everything you think your skin needs. There are plenty of habits worth avoiding that can do real damage, including some habits we indulge in as part of that daily skin ritual. What should you be on the lookout for and what should you do about it?


Those bad habits

In many ways, our skin is our exterior representation of what’s happening on the interior. If you’re not taking care of your body on the inside, it will very soon start to show. Too much sodium in your salt leads to bloating and dehydrates, making your face more likely to get all puffy and your skin more likely to crack. Alcohol shares those dehydrating effects. Too much sugar accelerates the signs of aging and can make conditions like acne even worse. But by far the worst habit for your skin is smoking. Smoking has a range of beauty-harming effects to go along with the life-endangering ones. The multitude of chemicals in those cigarettes cause cells to break down quicker all over the body. When this happens to your skin, they become wrinkles. So far, healthier alternatives like e-cigarettes have shown to show much less of these effects, though those with nicotine still do it to some degree. If you’re switching to them, you should consider working your way down to fluids with no nicotine content.

Not getting enough water

There’s a reason we moisturize our skin. Hydration is good for it. Our skin holds water, which makes it softer, but also makes it more resilient. Not only does this mean that it wrinkles less, but it keeps it more protected from the harmful effects of UV rays. Besides moisturizing, drinking water is another important factor in keeping skin hydrated. Caffeinated drinks don’t count in this equation because their diuretic effects work against their hydrating potential. Remember that your skin isn’t just there to help you look good, it plays an important role in protecting the body. Hydrate to make sure it can do its job.


Not sleeping enough

We all know that lacking sleep is bad for our skin. Immediately, it makes us look puffy and zombified. But in the long-run, poor sleep habits can do a lot more than that. Our bodies go through a natural process of repair and replenishment when we sleep. When we don’t have the time to sleep properly, our body doesn’t get to do that. This is why our skin looks worse in the morning and if we repeat that too often, it can become a permanent fixture.

Staying home from the gym

So far, all the tips are what might be considered generally good for your lifestyle. But if you want healthier skin, you need to think about getting healthier, period. One of the immediate benefits of getting more exercise, even if it’s just 45 minutes to an hour of light exercise, is the effect on your skin. When we work up a sweat, our pores dilate and any caught dirt or oils are pushed out from them. Exercise also helps our body regulate hormones, the mixture of which play a big role in dictating skin health. Just make sure you never exercise without taking the time to clean off your makeup. Otherwise, your pores will be clogged and the sweat will just join the mixture of contaminants already in there and contribute to worse skin.


Cleansing too much

This might sound gross to some of you, at first. But there are many proponents, like the gorgeous skinned Michelle Phan, of this particular habit and it’s scientifically backed. The habit is not full cleansing and exfoliating your face when you wake up, but rather just washing it with a wet cloth. While a buildup of oil can be bad for your skin, we start the day with some natural oils on our face. If we wash these off immediately, our skin is more likely to break out in pimples. Do wash your face fully at night, however, so you’re not taking the day’s debris to bed with you.

Picking and popping

It’s tempting, but it’s so, so risky. If you have pimples, the conventional desire is to pop them. Similarly, you might be tempted to pick at scabs to help them shrink faster. Neither of these is a good idea. When you pop your pimples, you’re spreading the puss which leads to more inflammation and more localized breakouts. When you pick your scars, you’re not actually getting rid of the scar; you’re getting rid of the visible healing process. This means you might be going permanent damage to your skin. In these cases, it’s simply best to let nature do her thing, let time heal all wounds, and treat pimples with things like tea tree oil.


Only protecting your skin a little

When it’s summertime, you better be protecting your skin. But when you, are you making sure you have it fully covered? When it comes to sunscreen, erring on the side of being conservative is much better than doing too little. But it’s not just about what factor of cream you use. It’s about whether it’s protecting from both harmful kinds of rays, both UVA and UVB varieties. To that end, make sure that the lotion you’re choosing specifically states that it’s broad spectrum. Otherwise, your skin won’t be quite as protected as you think it might be. Otherwise, you know what the risks are. Sunburn, dehydration, wrinkles, an increased risk of skin cancer. Never forget that there’s nothing more potentially harmful to your skin that direct exposure to strong sunlight.

Clogging your pores

Going too heavy on the makeup can clog your pores, which we’ve already mentioned is a particularly high risk if you don’t clean it off before working out. But some of the very products you use to make your skin more beautiful might be doing the exact opposite. There are a lot of ingredients that clog your pores, some of the most ubiquitous including algae extract. Instead, you should look at solutions that comprise of things like babassu oil. One of the benefits of which is being light enough to not clog your pores. That also puts it above alternative, otherwise excellent skin ingredients like coconut oil.


Stopping at your jawline

This is one of the harmful habits that are born out of laziness or simply not knowing, rather than any willful effort. Simply put, a lot of women focus on their face, not realizing that their neck, chest, and shoulders are often just as exposed and need as much care. You should put as much care into making sure that the skin beneath your jawline stays protected, rejuvenated, and younger looking. In many cases, general skin care products such and moisturizers, exfoliators and the like will do the same job down below as they do up top. However, the outer layer of the skin on the chest and neck is thinner, ages easier, and needs more protection, so some dedicated neck creams might the best option.

Using harmful products around the home

Already, we’ve mentioned how some of the products you use to enhance your skin might be doing damage to it. But the risk extends much further than just what you’ve put on your skin. We’re all fast coming to realize some of the dangerous pollutants we use to “clean” our home. The are chemicals that can exacerbate or cause asthma, act as carcinogens, and can be desperately unhealthy for pets. But these household cleaning ingredients also have a bad effect on the skin. For instance, many fabric detergents that use bleaches, fragrances, and stabilizers can actually spread their irritant nature to the fabrics you wash in them. So, your pillow and duvet covers might be doing your skin harm as you sleep.


Assuming it’s all up to you

If you’re noting red blotchy patches or more breakouts in your skin, it’s not necessarily because of something that you’ve done. When it comes to skin conditions like psoriasis, there are often no other causes besides genetics or your immune system. When a skin condition seems to stay with you, unchanging for days, you should ask your doctor about it. Many of these conditions are chronic but can be treated very effectively. If it starts to affect more than 10% of your skin or is accompanied by things like a fever or aching joints, you should see a specialist like a dermatologist right away. Your skin can often offer the first signs of serious diseases, especially those of the autoimmune variety like lupus.

It might sound like taking on a lot all at once, but the tips above are just little individual lifestyle changes that can all add up to give your skin a much healthier look at the end. Have you seen any you can start implementing right now?