I’m a Mum

I’ve been a very proud Mum for over three years now, and of course, I have been aware of it, but this morning, it finally hit me. Us Mummies and Daddies do everything we should, we keep them clean (as much as humanly possible), we feed them, teach them, kiss baddies, praise good behaviour, have … [Read more…]

Baker Days Review

I was so excited when Baker Days contacted me and asked me to review a Mother’s Day cake for them! I chose this design because pandas are a very loved animal in the Pork Pie house! We have teddies, DVD’s phone cases, t-shirts, you name it, we’ve probably got a panda on it! So this design seemed … [Read more…]

Coping (or not) with Psoriasis.

As a child, I never suffered with bad skin, apart from the usual small outbreaks of teenage acne, I had really lovely skin. My Dad and Brother have both suffered with eczema all of their lives, and I’d always hated seeing them so uncomfortable and in pain from accidentally scratching. Then, when I turned 16 … [Read more…]