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Restart Your 2021 Blog With A Bang

Restart Your 2021 Blog With A Bang

Be seen, be trusted. Be heard. Bloggers can’t survive unnoticed. When you blog, you need to make sure your audience knows about your content. Making sure everyone can access and find your blog needs to be the utmost priority for bloggers. There’s only one problem: the online world counts over 600 million blogs in the world, which are all competing for attention. 

So, how are you going to give your blog a kick in 2021? There’s no denying that common marketing strategies are crucial, such as SEO. Search engine optimization is inherent to a healthy blog presence. Indeed, you need to manage your SEO efforts to maximise ranking opportunities and ensure you’ll be found by your readers when they search for the relevant keywords. Similarly, with SEO also comes SEM, search engine marketing, which combines organic and paid ranking (PPC). An active and engaging social media presence can also boost your rankings and drive direct traffic to the blog. 

Yet, what if you’re already doing all of those and it still doesn’t work? Does it mean it’s time to throw away the old marketing strategies and start fresh again? Well, not quite. You can’t give up on SEO and social media. But you can add some effective tricks and activities that will boost your blog profile. 

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Actually tell your story

A blog is about you, your voice, your expertise, your experience. In a word, a blog tells your story, whether you are running a personal or a professional blog. Is there any better way of sharing your story than actually telling it? 

Podcasts are popular for one simple reason. They give bloggers a voice. Therefore, you are in a position to live your best storytelling life. Unlike a blog that is constrained by the written format, podcasts can let you introduce new characters, challenges, self-reflection in a natural and engaging way. Recording a podcast also allows you to invite guests just as you would on your blog, but you can use the format to establish a friendly and lively relationship. You can even record your podcast remotely to stick with social distancing regulations. 

Make an impact in seconds

How much time do you have to grab someone’s attention? Blogs can have an engaging title, but readers are used to clickbait titles. On the other hand, a short video presents your content in a digestible and engaging format. Even if you’re not willing to create new videos to replace your written blog content, you can consider short videos to make an impression. Indeed, you can use Youtube advertising to target your audience group and play short videos. Not sure where to start? Reach out to professional video producers – you can visit the website here to get in touch with a video agency – to create short snapshots of your brand.  

Draw it rather than writing it

Not every blogger is a keen drawer. However, creative people can make the most of a quirky webtoon format. Take a look at this site to discover more about webtoons. Drawings can be shared on Instagram and social media to capture users’ attention before directing them to your blog. 

Promoting your blog in 2021 needs to bring variety, excitement, and engagement to your online presence. Search engine marketing can only deliver so much. On the other hand, lively formats can take your audience at the heart of your vision and personality. It’s time to raise the bar with renewed blog awareness! 

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