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Simplify Your Life to Save Money

Simplify Your Life to Save Money

Is your life a chaotic mix of too much stuff, too many commitments and not enough money? If so, it might be time to simplify your life to save money.

When you take a step back and work out what really matters to you and what you can do without, it is common to start saving money too. You get a happier, more relaxed life and more cash to do the things you really want to do, what’s not to love?

Sound good, here are some tips to help you simplify and save money right now?

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Work Out Your “Enough”

The first step to simplifying your life and saving money is working out what constitutes enough for you. For some people, enough is a roof over their head and food to eat, for others it might be having that stuff, plus enough left over to buy the latest smartphone or have dinner out a few times each week.

What’s enough is different for everyone, but if you’re looking to simplify and save money, you need to work out which stuff in your life is truly important to you and which stuff is there because you can have it. Having just enough and nothing more is what you should be aiming for. That doesn’t mean living like a monk, it just means cutting out the “waste” the stuff that doesn’t really bring much joy, meaning or usefulness to your life.

Sell Stuff

Once you’ve worked out what is and is not essential to your life, you can clear out the clutter and make some extra cash by selling what you no longer desire. Whether you value your Jaguar with a view to buying a more economical vehicle or you put your unworn clothing up for sale on eBay, every little will help. Put the proceeds into a high-interest account and it could make money for you with very little effort on your part.

Say No More

Simplifying your life means more than getting rid of stuff you don’t need. It also means cutting out commitments that you don’t want, need or even enjoy. In order to do this, you need to learn who to say NO more often. If you don’t have the time to help out at your kids’ school this time, don’t, or if you don’t enjoy going to the cinema to see films that you have no interest in, with your friends, DON’T. Obviously, you should aim to help out when you can, and when you will enjoy the experience, and you should make time for friends, but you don’t have to say yes every time, and saying no when you want/need to will not only free up your life, but it will likely save you money on transport, ticket costs, etc. too.

Forget Fashion

One last way to simplify your life, and save money, that is particularly effective is to forget about keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Create a capsule wardrobe with classic cuts, styles and colours and you’ll only have to buy the odd piece here and there, potentially saving you thousands over time.

Simplify your life to make it better and your bank balance richer!