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Style Makeover For Him- Tips To Become Your Partner’s Stylist

Style Makeover For Him- Tips To Become Your Partner’s Stylist

When it comes to style choices, men are far less conscious as compared to women. You will probably understand the pain of seeing your partner in his faded tee and old pair of shorts most of the time he is at home. He may even not bother about dressing up for work or dates, which can irritate you more. If everything in your partner’s wardrobe seems outdated, it is time to get him a style makeover. You need not hire a personal stylist for him, as you can easily take over the role. Here are some tips that can help you become a personal stylist for your boyfriend or husband.

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Inspire him to look good

Men often fail to achieve style goals because they aren’t interested or even out of sheer laziness. A woman can play the role of a mentor here, inspiring him to look good and create a style statement for himself. Be the mentor for your partner and do some research for him. Sift through men’s fashion magazines and style blogs; check out the latest celebrity styles in movies and TV programs, and shortlist the hot trends for him. You can go the extra mile by compiling the work in a presentation that makes it easy to understand for him. He will surely pay attention and appreciate your hard work. Moreover, it will inspire him to do his bit for you.

Help him find an ideal style

Another common fashion blunder that men often make is dressing up in just anything. They wouldn’t even try to find what looks good on them and works for them. You can go wrong here by dictating your taste in the name of helping your partner with his shopping. The better approach will be to help him identify his ideal style. It may take some hit and trial, but both of you can discover it eventually by spending some time at the shopping mall. If he isn’t keen on shopping, you can give him an easy alternative to online shopping. Let him explore fashion stores and order styles he likes. He can even return or exchange stuff if he doesn’t like them.

Ensure comfort with fashion choices 

Even as you help your partner nail the style that works for him, ensure that he is also comfortable with it. As his personal stylist, getting the best of both worlds for him should be your top priority. Just because something fits physically and looks good on him doesn’t give you a reason to force him to embrace him. Everything boils down to his comfort level, so let him decide what he is happy with. You may like something for him, but you can always find a better alternative if he isn’t comfortable with it. After all, a person looks good and feels confident in an outfit only if he feels easy and relaxed.  

Encourage him to experiment 

Unlike women, men aren’t keen to experiment with their fashion choices. It comes as no surprise that they remain stuck with the same options for decades. When you step into a stylist’s shoes for your partner, encouraging him to experiment should be your top priority. Coax him to try the tattoo shirts trend, and he will probably love your sartorial recommendation. The sporty style works for men of all age groups and makes them feel young and handsome. 

Ask him questions

Stylists try to determine the clothing personality of their clients by asking questions and understanding their expectations from the answers to these questions. It is exactly what you need to do as you play the role of a personal stylist for your man. Ask simple questions such as about his favorite color, ideal fit style, design expectations, and more. Check why he prefers certain styles and steers clear of others. Men want a mix of comfort, practicality, and functionality in clothing though the order of these expectations may differ. Asking questions can help you understand his preference better, and he will also pay more attention to his style goals.

Work as a team

It sounds easy to force him to get a quick overhaul with your suggestions, but it is the last thing you should do. He will probably agree to make you happy but may end up hating what he wears every single day. The best approach to giving him a style makeover is to start slow and work together as a team. Even as you may want to get rid of all his outdated stuff, let him retain what he wants to. He will probably eliminate these pieces eventually once he gets comfortable with his fresh style statement. Working as a team requires effort and mutual understanding as both of you will need to listen and pay attention to the other’s perspective. 

Get professional help if you need it

You will try to do your best as your partner’s personal stylist, but it may not work if he hasn’t got a makeover for decades. Don’t shy away from calling in the professionals if you think that he needs them. A session with a professional stylist will help him get a better idea of what he really wants. Moreover, you will know whether you are on the right track as a team. It may take some investment, but you wouldn’t regret it at the end of the day. Anything spent on your man’s appearance is worthwhile. Moreover, you may save up a lot in the long run by picking only the right things and avoiding ones that don’t work for him.

A style makeover is not only about his clothing. You must also pay attention to his accessories and work on revamping his collection to align with the current style statement. Everything should complement to create a perfect look for your man. Finally, encourage him to go the extra mile with grooming because it can take the makeover a notch higher. A well-groomed man is a handsome man, so this element of his look deserves all the attention you can give.

Happy Styling!