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Survival Tips for Invisalign Aligners

Survival Tips for Invisalign Aligners

New to wearing Invisalign? Not sure how best to use the aligner? Or perhaps you have some questions about the best way to clean it? 

Here are some key tips to ensure you survive Invisalign in those first few weeks, helping you to get that smile you deserve. 

How to Clean Invisalign: Tips, Prevention, and More

Time yourself

When you are new to wearing invisible braces Clapham, you will need to time yourself. 

When you were given the green light for using Invisalign, your dentist or orthodontist should have explained to you how long each day you need to wear the aligners. 

And while it can be tempting to leave a removable aligner out, you will need to wear it for as long as they specified. That way, your teeth should realign on schedule and you will get the straighter smile you deserve sooner. 

Cold water only!

If you have a tough stain that won’t budge, when it comes to cleaning your aligners, do not use hot water. 

Remember, while they may seem sturdy, Invisalign aligners are made of plastic, which doesn’t respond well to heating and running them under a hot tap to remove a stain is often counterproductive. You may remove the stain but will be left with a warped aligner which will need to be replaced. 

In the event of stubborn stains, simply use cold water and a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove them. If that fails, you may want to invest in some Invisalign cleaning crystals or other appropriate aligner cleaners.

3 Ways to Keep Your Invisalign Aligners Clean | Milnor Orthodontics

Carry cases

When it comes to going out and about with your clear aligners, it is always best to take the carry cases that they came with. 

Why? Because, although the aligners are tough enough to move your teeth, they can be quite easily damaged and so, you will need to keep them somewhere safe. And rather than that place being in one of the slots in your bag or your pocket, use the carry case. You don’t want your aligners warping after all!


When you wear any kind of orthodontic brace or aligner, for it to work effectively, you have to keep it clean. 

And the same is true for Invisalign. Luckily, as the aligner is made from clear plastic, you won’t have to scrub away at it to remove food debris. Simply aim to clean it twice a day (along with your teeth), in order to keep it invisible and to keep your teeth and gums healthy. 

Remember, if you press food debris against your teeth and gums, you increase the risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease, so keep those aligners clean!

Keep your appointments

When it comes to dental care and aligners or braces, you have to stay on top of it.

While Invisalign does provide the option to send in selfies to your dentist via an app, you will still need to physically attend appointments every 6-8 weeks. Please maintain this routine!

These appointments allow your dental team to assess if the treatment is going as planned and will allow them to correct any secondary issue that may be occurring, such as tooth decay.

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