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Kicking Psoriasis Ass One Step At A Time

You may have already read my blog post on my psoriasisĀ and how sometimes I’ve struggled to cope with it. Well, lately it’s at the worst it has ever been and is now covering over 40% of my body. It’s now in small patches on every section, and some of it is itching to the point …

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How To Relieve Lower Back Pain

There’s nothing worse than waking up one day with back pain and realizing that you’ve somehow hurt your back. You begin hobbling around and feeling sorry for yourself, wondering why this sudden onset of back pain has appeared. While there are many reasons for back pain to happen, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly …


To the poor woman I witnessed get hit by a car today..

Let me just start by saying I truly hope you’re okay. You’re being treated by an incredible team and I can’t wait to see your face again at the surgery. Let me explain. I was sat outside work today having a cigarette and I was enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air when I happened …