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Talkspace: A New Way To Access Therapy

Talkspace: A New Way To Access Therapy

Having access to a therapist at any time; that was the goal of Talkspace CEO Oren Frank when he founded the company with his wife in 2012. Talkspace is an online platform that connects users to mental health professionals and allows them to engage in therapy sessions over the phone.


Using text messages, e-mails, phone calls, and video chatting, Talkspace allows its users to talk with their assigned therapist whenever they need too. Talkspace has different plans, each with different features. The $32 a week plan, for instance, gets users a daily text message from their mental health professional. The $49 a week plan gives multiple text messages a day, plus a monthly 30-minute video chat with a therapist.


This new platform is allowing healthcare professionals to help more people than they were ever able to before. Talkspace seeks to end the stigma that has been built around therapy and to allow anyone who feels that they need therapy to be able to access it.


Recently, the insurance company Magellan Health made a deal with Talkspace and will soon be offering Talkspace to customers who have Magellan Health insurance. Frank hopes that easy access to therapy will reduce the number of mental health crises in America.