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The Role of Oral Health in Wellbeing

The Role of Oral Health in Wellbeing

Dentists applaud encouraging pro-dental behaviour like committing to routine professional checkup appointments at the dentist Navan for good reason. Patients may wonder why they should invest their time, energy and money into regular visits to their dental clinic. The reasoning is simple – looking after one’s dental health is part and parcel of looking after your overall physical and mental health.

It becomes quite clear very quickly to patients who suffer from poor oral health issues just to what extent a dental problem can affect their quality of life. Consider the experience of dental pain for example. Any painful symptoms felt, even that of a toothache, can render one unable to carry out the simplest of tasks. Patients may find it difficult to concentrate at work or school and certainly be in no mood to play.


Or, consider the impact of tooth loss on confidence levels or the practical mouth function like biting and chewing. Having a less than desirable smile ruins one’s willingness to smile, limiting their potential of building social and professional networks. 

How looking after teeth relates to health

Longevity is the first benefit linked to good dental health. The Oral Health Foundation reports that the likelihood of 70 year-olds with a minimum of 20 natural teeth stands a better chance of living a longer life than a person of a similar age who has less than 20 teeth.


The impact on longevity may be due to a number of factors. Poor dental health conditions like tooth loss and gum disease create challenges for the physical body and heighten the body’s exposure to illness and disease. Chronic inflammation present in gum disease is associated with a myriad of life-threatening illnesses such as strokes, diabetes, heart disease, lung cancer and mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.

Immune health also becomes a concern when a person cannot receive proper nutrition because their eating capabilities are made all the more difficult due to tooth loss. In determining overall health, it is important not to discount mental and psychosocial health as good dental health is closely tied to achieving both.

A desirable level of confidence rests on one’s ability and readiness to smile a warm and engaging smile. This confidence allows one to create a positive impression on others, convincing others of one’s leadership skills and other desirable positive personality traits such as intelligence, kindness and trustworthiness.

The influence of an attractive dental appearance on confidence is easy to establish and offers proof that a smile can indeed have a transformative effect on one’s life. It is far easier for a person with a lovely looking smile to embrace opportunities to advance a career, broaden professional and social networks and find fulfilling personal relationships.

It pays to see good oral health as a worthy investment. It is only in taking good care of our teeth and gums that we can continue to enjoy day-to-day benefits, resulting from a stronger physical body and a happier frame of mind. A good place to start to attain healthy oral function is to schedule a visit to a dental clinic without delay.

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