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Using dental marketing strategies to attract new patients your practice

Using dental marketing strategies to attract new patients your practice

Dental marketing has shifted from paper marketing and word-of-mouth referrals to online digital marketing. It is now very important to have a good website and a strong online presence to help attract patients to your dental practice. Most dental practices offer the same treatments and procedures and without a good dental website and effective dental marketing it is difficult to differentiate between practices. To help you stand out from the crowd you need to put in place a website which is informative and educational but attracts patients to you. It needs to set you aside from your competition and needs to tell your patients why you are the best place to come to. You need to be able to convince your patients through your website that not only will you provide excellent dental care, but you will also provide fantastic customer service.

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//Knowing your competition//

Finding out what your competitors are offering is very important. It can help you have an idea of what will work and what won’t work when it comes to effectively marketing your dental practice. By looking for strategies which the busiest dental practices are utilising, not only in your area but nationwide and using them these ideas for your website or dental marketing strategy should be beneficial to you. Also looking for gaps in the market, for example which fields of dentistry are not getting much attention online and then making sure that you pay attention to these fields can help you attract patients who are not too confident about considering such treatments elsewhere, because of the lack of mention that they are receiving. 

//Making your website interesting and informative//

When explaining the treatments and procedures that you offer at your dental practice it is important that you make the content interesting to read and encouraging for potential patients. It is good to explain all dental terms in simple language so that the reader understands the information and it is also important to personalise the information so that the reader feels as if you are speaking to them directly. Rather than having pages of writing on your website, including photos and videos of treatments being carried out at your practice is an exciting way of engaging with your readers and allowing them to get a feel for what to expect at an appointment. Videos of you and your team explaining the different treatments and procedures is also a good way to get your message across. 

When you explain the treatments and procedures it is also important to mention the prices of these services. You may wish to research what prices your competitors are offering, but it is also important to be confident about your own prices, as this is a reflection of the quality of care that you provide. Many dental websites offer payment plans for their patients to encourage them to consider additional dental treatment rather than just their regular check- ups with the dentist. Speak to an excellent marketing team and find out more about the different strategies you can use on your website to make sure that you have an effective marketing system in place for your dental practice.

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