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Top 5 Tips to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

Winter is fast approaching, and with it brings freezing temperatures. So before it gets too cold, it’s a good idea to head out and prepare your garden for the wintery months ahead. Even if you aren’t green-fingered, these five tips are easy to achieve. Ensuring that your garden is as low maintenance as possible when spring comes around, you won’t […]

How Businesses Can Craft A Legacy

Practicality is often the first and last word in business, for many reasons. It’s well and good to have lofty ideals and the most impressive business vision, but if you struggle to put any of this into practice, you’re going to have a tough time ‘making good’ on your promises. Sure, a swirling and impressive motion-graphic keynote presentation at a […]

Are You Ready to Move Offices?

Businesses move offices for all kinds of reasons. Perhaps it is because you are a growing business and you need more space or maybe you are downsizing and scaling back. Sometimes businesses are forced to move due to rent hikes but many choose to search out a better deal every-so-often anyhow.  Whatever your reasons for moving, you need to make […]

Mistakes To Avoid When Hosting A Networking Event

Networking events are an essential part of business. They’re a perfect opportunity to impress new clients, market your company, and earn respect from other business leaders. However, hosting a networking event isn’t always straightforward. There are many factors to consider, making mistakes commonplace. Although many of these errors aren’t harmful, others will derail your plans and ruin your image. To […]