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How To Be Covid-Aware At Work

Although life is more or less seeming to get back to normal, there is still a virus out there that is causing a lot of harm to people, and it’s important for all of us that we are still trying to be as covid-aware as possible. One of the places where this is most important and relevant is the workplace, […]

Four Reasons to Outsource

If there is one thing that allows your organisation to delegate processes in a streamlined and smooth way, it’s outsourcing. It’s one of the most strategic things that you could do in your business and if you want to expand your operations offshore, your first port of call should be in how you work your business over there in the […]

Five Ways AI is Revolutionizing Human Resources

Human resources have been around for centuries. The first documented use of the term was in a book by Frederic Winslow Taylor called The Principles of Scientific Management in 1911. But the concept of managing people within organizations is much older. Technically, human resources or HR is responsible for the people side of an organization. This includes everything from recruitment […]