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3 Packing Tips To Avoid Breakages When Moving House

3 Packing Tips To Avoid Breakages When Moving House

When you are moving house, there is a long list of details that you need to sort out. You need to handle all of the final paperwork, pick up the keys for the new place, redirect your post, and organize any work that needs to be done on your new house. But don’t let all of that distract you from the packing because that is still one of the most important things. If you don’t dedicate enough time to your packing and you leave it all until the last minute, you are likely to break things along the way. The last thing you want is to arrive at your new house and unpack the moving truck, only to find that some of your furniture or other fragile items are completely ruined. But you can avoid that as long as you start early and keep these packing tips in mind. 

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Hire Professional Movers 

Once you have packed everything up and put it on the moving truck, there’s nothing more that you can do to protect your stuff. You’re leaving it in the hands of the movers, which is why it’s important that you hire professionals. If you hire the cheapest people you can find, they will just throw everything in the back and your stuff isn’t likely to survive the journey. But if you hire a trusted furniture removalist with a lot of experience, they will know how to pack things in the correct way so everything is protected. When you hire a professional moving team, you can rest easy and not have to worry about things getting broken, so it makes the whole process a lot less stressful. 

Buy The Right Packing Materials 

If you just shove fragile items into a box without any kind of protection, they will be broken by the time you get to the other end. If you want to protect your things, you need to buy some proper packing materials, like bubble wrap etc. A lot of people underestimate how much they will end up spending on packing materials, so when you are working out the financial side of moving, make sure to factor this in.  

Avoid Over Packing 

Overpacking boxes is one of the biggest mistakes that people make when moving house. If you pile too many things up in a box, and you don’t pack around them with protective materials, they will end up breaking. It’s important that you don’t overpack boxes and think about the order that you put things in. You don’t want very heavy items sitting on top of fragile items because they will crush them. It’s usually a good idea to group things by room to make it easier when you are unpacking, but you should also think about grouping things by weight. If you keep all of the heavy items together and put those boxes in first, you can put the more fragile items on top. Just make sure that you label all of your boxes accurately if you are going to mix things up so you can still find everything when you are unpacking. 

As long as you take your time with your packing and keep these things in mind, you can avoid any breakages. 

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