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4 Tips for Creating a Healthier Home

4 Tips for Creating a Healthier Home

When it comes to improving our health and well-being, so much emphasis is placed on dieting, sleeping habits, and regular physical activity. But it is essential to find ways to improve your home environment where you spend the most time. There are lockdowns and strict social distancing measures all over the world due to COVID-19, increasing the time you spend at home even more. Work and social activities may have provided an escape from attending to your home’s needs in the past, but what is your excuse now? Here are five easy tips for creating a healthier home for a fulfilling homestay with your family. 

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  1. Get dust under control

The dust in your home may be more dangerous than you might suspect. It usually contains harmful chemicals like pesticides, fire retardants, lead, and other synthetic substances. Several health experts have warned against taking your house dust lightly since it can aggravate allergies. Regardless of whether you used them many years ago, these chemicals can quickly build up residue in your home and harm you and your family. While this approach can be expensive, it is best to replace your wall-to-wall carpeting with tile, wood, or cork since the former is a known collector of allergens and dust. 

If this method is not financially conceivable, you can use the good old elbow grease to vacuum regularly by carefully reaching out to your room corners and floors and moving furniture to get those residues.

  1. Get rid of nicotine addiction.  

Yet to kick your smoking habit? Now is an ideal opportunity to get rid of it. According to statistics, an estimated 2 million children in the UK are exposed to second-hand smoke in the home – which is the most significant in health concerns like asthma in such children. Aside, its harmful health implications, smoking is an expensive habit to maintain. You can save yourself some cash if you are not smoking, which in turn impacts your financial health implications and your family in the future. A health specialist, doctor, or nurse can help tailor an approach to deal with your smoking habit. 

  1. Stop mould growth before it begins. 

Mould develops when it has dampness and food. In more seasoned homes with lousy insulation, moisture can gather on the outside walls and devour the drywall’s paper surface. Have your plumbing works checked for leakages, condensation around windows, and ensure humidity levels are low during the winter. Ensure your washrooms and kitchen exhaust have clean channels and work appropriately. Dirty, moist crawl spaces are common breeding grounds for bacteria and mould. You should therefore check regularly before they extend to other places in your home. Michigan basements is an example of a crawlspace encapsulation company you can engage to help prevent mould growth in your home. 

  1. Change other overlooked items in your home.

The odds are you are most likely not changing your shower loofahs, shower mats, or even your curtains regularly enough. Like your bath loofahs, these are items with bacteria build-up, mainly when kept in warm and humid baths where they seldom dry out completely. Ensure to change your shower loofahs every three weeks to a month. It is likewise imperative to know how regularly you should change items like toothbrushes, pillowcases, and others in your home. 

Improving your home and making it healthier doesn’t need to be a costly or daunting task. A simple few approaches and changes can impact well-being in your home, your family and the entire environment.  

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