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5 Skincare Tips I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

5 Skincare Tips I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

When we’re teenagers, we don’t pay too much attention to our skincare unless we have acne or other problems that require immediate and constant care. In my case, I’ve never had to deal with pimples and people always envied me on my clear skin. However, even with the lack of breakouts I still had to deal with excessively dry skin. It always required regular and deep moisturizing, along with some additional care that I, as a young girl, never realized was essential. Only when I was in my 20s did I come to realise how important skincare actually is, and what all the essential steps in the skincare routine that I should’ve always followed were.

Moisturize regularly

I’ve noticed that people who live in warmer parts of the world, such as Australia, for example, have great-looking skin because they’re often slathering on SPF-rich creams and lotion. Being exposed to the harmful UV rays often calls for better protection and often hydration. That’s precisely why I started moisturizing my skin better with the best eczema cream. Lately, facial serums have been my go-to moisturizing pals and I’ve never had more beautiful-looking skin. 

Professional skin treatments are a must

Another thing I wish I knew when I was younger is that no matter how good your skin looks, it’ll always look better after a professional skin treatment. I’ve heard my friends being hyped about professional skin treatments for years. They claimed that the laser ones were especially effective, which is why I started looking for a good laser skin treatment in Sydney and finally discovered several that did wonders for my skin. Whether you need vascular treatment or maybe pigmentation removal, appropriate laser treatments will do the trick, so be sure to schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

Wear minimum make-up

Given the fact that I had no reason to use full-coverage makeup because my skin was always acne-free, I still needed to add a bit more colour to my complexion to look healthy and glowing. Having fair skin only caused very noticeable dark circles around my eyes, which were constantly between red and purple shade making me use foundation to conceal them well. Little did I know that with only a touch of concealer and colour corrector I could’ve hidden the dark circles flawlessly and spared my face the unnecessary foundation. The more you let your skin breathe the less trouble you’ll have with pimples. They are only the result of clogged pores that you end up with after using too much make-up, too often, without removing it thoroughly. This leads me to my next essential step.

Always clean the skin thoroughly

Thorough skin cleansing is probably the most important part of a skincare routine. Namely, unless you remove all the dirt, grime and pollutants that have been accumulating on your skin throughout the day, there is no way your face will look healthy or clean. Therefore, be sure you always remove your makeup before bed. Never should you sleep with your make-up on because that can be detrimental for your skin. Not allowing your skin to breathe and exfoliate itself naturally during the night will only cause premature ageing and an array of other issues. Use micellar foams, toners, and gentle face scrubs to remove the dirt, exfoliate and allow your skin to look flawless.

Hydrate from the inside

Not only should you moisturize your skin from the outside, but also make sure it’s getting enough hydration from the inside. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that promote hydration. Watermelons, strawberries, bananas, milk, and iceberg lettuce are just some of the foods that will help your skin stay supple and glowing day after day.

Final thoughts

It’s never too late to learn and acquire new knowledge, so I’m trying to improve my skincare day in day out. Some of the tips that apply to everyone’s skin no matter the type is that you need to clean it thoroughly every day. Moisturize, hydrate from the inside and schedule professional treatments to improve the way your skin looks.