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5 Types Of Marketing Event

5 Types Of Marketing Event

5 Types Of Marketing Event

Events can be effective forms of marketing. They allow you to physically interact with potential customers and they can help you to build brand exposure – and potentially even media attention. There are many different forms of marketing event. Here are just 5 different examples to try out.

Sales conferences

Sales conferences are common with high ticket items. They may be open to the public, although tend to be held on an invite-only/sign-up basis. These events are opportunities to tell potential clients more about your product or service in detail. This could include hosting a presentation and giving people the chance to ask questions. Food and drink may be supplied and in some cases accommodation and transport for attendees may even be arranged. Hiring an experienced sales representative may be necessary to host such an event.

Launch parties

Launch parties are opportunities to celebrate the opening of a new business or the release of a new product. Like sales conferences, they may be on an invite-only basis. Unlike sales conferences, the purpose is generally not to convert direct customers. Launch parties are simply a way of generating buzz. They are parties after all, so you want people to have fun. However, by inviting key people such as local influential figures and journalists, you may be able to make some useful connections.

Trade fairs

Trade fairs are events in which multiple businesses within a specific niche all compete to promote their products/services. Such events are open to the public, however you’ll find that generally only people interested in that particular niche will attend. Each business has their own stall or space to promote their company from. By investing in an eye-catching exhibition stand, you can attract people to your stall. Tactics such as handing out business cards and promotional products are also common. Trade fairs can be useful for generating direct customers and simply gaining exposure.

Sponsored events

It’s possible to sponsor events as a form of marketing. These are events organised by someone else and could be profit or non-profit. A few examples include sporting events, concerts, fetes and festivals. In exchange for offering funding to help put towards the event, you can then advertise at these events. You don’t have to get involved in any of the actual event planning – it’s just a simple case of offering funding and designing an advert to be displayed at the event.


Seminars and workshops are opportunities to pass on your knowledge. They may require people to sign up or they may be open to the public. The purpose is to educate people by offering advice related to your trade (for instance, a web development company may host a workshop in WordPress design, while an accountancy firm might host a seminar on bookkeeping for beginners). While not strictly marketing events, they can serve to build your credibility as an expert in your field. You may even be able to make some money out of these events by charging people to attend.