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5 Ways to Be More Productive While Working Remotely

5 Ways to Be More Productive While Working Remotely

Although the world has largely opened and people have started returning to the office, many are still working from home. Others have adopted a hybrid working model that allows them to split their week between working in the office and remotely. 

Now that winter, and subsequently, the holidays, are upon us, it is important to figure out a way to get a lot of work done while there are visitors and the kids in the home. Here are five proven ways to become even more productive whenever you’re working remotely. 

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Use Tools

Use technologies that are available to you. Many people struggle with productivity outside the office because they do not have the supporting tools necessary to help them concentrate. 

Install social media site blockers on your computing equipment, get and use a noise-canceling headset, use project management tools, and all other necessary tools that you require. Used correctly, most tools and software will help you concentrate better, allow you get a ton more work done faster. 

Find Coworking Spaces

If your company provides a coworking space near you, by all means, take advantage of it. If they don’t, you can go find one near you and go there instead of commuting to work. 

Some companies are offering monthly stipends to workers who use these coworking spaces. Coworking spaces are growing in popularity because they often offer fully equipped working facilities that you can rent for a duration of time –days, weeks, or months. 

If you’re dealing with distractions in the house, coworking spaces can provide you with an office-like environment where you can focus and get a lot of work done. 

Avoid Time-Sucking Activities

This includes social media, news sites, and many more. The same applies to your phone. Put it away while you’re in the middle of work. Turn off all notifications until you’re done with a major task or have met a milestone. 

If you must visit your favourite sites like https://sportnews.in/Cricket, do so during your breaks. Or if it’s possible, just cut them out completely until the end of the day.

Take Timely Breaks

Speaking of breaks, unless you’re in the “zone” and need to stay that way, force yourself to take periodic hourly breaks. We recommend 5-10 minute breaks per hour. During this break, move around and do some fun stuff. 

This will help keep you energized, improve circulation, and improve your moods. Contrary to what most people think, these short breaks have been known to help people achieve more during the course of the day. 

They are short enough to still keep your mind engaged in the work you were doing, and long enough to allow your body recover from the effects of prolonged sitting. 

Find Quiet Spots in the House

If you have a home office, make sure that it’s sound-proofed. This will help increase your focus tremendously if you ever need to do some serious work. If you don’t have a study, set up a special place where you can do your work. 

For instance, some people transform their sheds into a home office, set up conservatories, or use their basements. See what you do and use that space for your work.