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6 Things That Could Be Stopping You From Losing Weight

6 Things That Could Be Stopping You From Losing Weight

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Losing weight is never easy, but if you seem to be finding it more difficult than most, or if you think you are doing everything right, but the scales are simply not moving in the right direction, it could be that one o these very common issues is preventing you from losing the weight you want to.


  1. You’re gaining muscle


If you have been working out a lot in an effort to lose weight, it could be that you are losing weight after all, but you’re also gaining muscle at the same time, which means the scales are not reflecting your true loss. Having your body fat levels measured once in a while will help you to determine if this is a factor so that you don’t get disheartened and give up completely.


  1. You aren’t tracking your food


You might think you’re only eating X number of calories, but unless you are tracking every single thing you eat, you may actually be eating Y number of calories, which is more than you actually need, Try tracking everything you eat for a week or so and it will soon become second nature for you to eat the right amount without measuring.


  1. You can’t sleep


Many people who attend weight loss clinics to help them finally lose weight, report that they do not get enough sleep at night. This is not surprising because a lack of sleep can absolutely prevent you from effectively losing weight, not only because you’re awake for longer, and thus more likely to eat something extra, but also because your body cannot function as effectively with no sleep, so weight loss is not as easy to achieve.


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  1. You’re eating junk food


Although, broadly speaking, a calorie is a calorie, various studies have shown that you are more likely to lose weight when eating X amount of healthy whole foods than you are if you are eating the same number of calories of junk food. So, try ditching those processed foods and see if that makes the scales move.


  1. You aren’t exercising


Yes, weight loss is more about what you eat than how much you move, but if you have hit a plateau, it is fair to say that the more calories you burn, the lower the scales are likely to fall, and of course, exercise will help your body tone up as you lose weight, which is also useful.

Ideally, you should do both cardio and weight lifting exercises because cardio burns fat fast and weight lifting boost the metabolism so you burn more calories even when you are resting.


  1. You’re drinking calories


Unless you stick to water or unsweetened tea, there is a good chance that you are consuming way more calories than you think in your drinks. Stick to water, flavoured with a little fresh fruit if you like, and you should see the scales start to move again.


Hopefully, if you have identified one of these issues as being the problem when it comes to your weight loss, you can now attack it and get back on track. Good luck.