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6 Ways To Make Your Company Greener

6 Ways To Make Your Company Greener

As a society, we don’t seem to be getting far enough in time to slow the climate disaster that faces the world. There are lots of debates that seem to fly around about who the responsibility lays with. Is it the governments of the world, the big corporations, or the individual? The answer is probably a combination of all of the above. And there are things that we can all be doing to make sure that we are more likely to meet our targets of reversing the threat of climate change. 

If you run a business, then your environmental concerns should be central in your strategy. Whatever your line of work, there will be ways that you can reduce any negative impact that your operation has on the world. Here are a few suggestions that you can take to ensure that you are running an environmentally friendly company. 

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A Paperless Office

One of the areas that should be central in your strategy to create a sustainable office is to go paperless. With the developments in technology and the convenience of software and apps, there is no need to print anything. Utilizing the cloud will ensure that all of your data is secure, so backing up with hard copies should be a thing of the past. Even if you lose your hard drive, your data can still be accessed from any device that you log in on. 

With that in mind, your office probably does not even need a printer. Your memos can be emailed, or even sent to your team using group communication tools such as the Slack app. 

Encourage your team to use notepad software on the computer if they need to jot anything down. There will be no rummaging around on the desk to find that piece of paper you took a number down on; you will have a digital trace. 

When you consider how much paper you will be saving by not using any, you will wonder why you ever used to buy so much. 

Switch It Off

When you are not using a computer, or a light, turn it off. The amount of power you will be wasting through not turning your electrical items off when they are not in use is substantial. Create a culture in your workplace where everyone takes responsibility for checking that they are not leaving lights or equipment turned on when they are not using them. 

You may want to consider getting your lights on sensors. This is a good way of ensuring lights are not on when they shouldn’t be. You could also fit a last man out switch which will turn off all of the lights in the building. 

Switch Your Providers

If you are not already with a company that provides you with 100% renewable energy, switch straight away. There is no reason to be with a company that uses non-renewables when there are so many companies out there that can supply clean energy. 

You may even find that you will save a bit of money too, which is always helpful.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Find out everything that can be recycled in your area, and make sure your business is entirely behind recycling everything that you possibly can. You will need to make it as easy as possible for your team to get on board with backing your recycling pledge. So make sure you have adequate, well-labeled bins. Have some clear instructions of the recyclable items and what to do with them. 

Work With Your Team To Review Transport

Look at how your team gets to work. There may be opportunities for members of staff to cycle to work. If they do not own a bike, see if you can start a cycle scheme in your business. You could pair up with local groups, or cycle shops and see if you can come to an arrangement to support your needs. 

Car sharing is a good idea too, and this works exceptionally well when several employees live close together, or on the same route. 

Create A Culture Of Accountability 

One of the significant problems when it comes to environmental issues is the sense of apathy that so many people have, believing that it is not their problem. If you can work at ways of fighting apathy when you are met with it and instilling a sense of purpose within your team, you will be able to get them onside and supporting your companies green initiatives.