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7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy

7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy

It goes without saying that your child is your most significant responsibility as a parent. As you focus on self-betterment, whether it is breaking bad habits or starting healthy ones, you should incorporate your kids on that journey. Caring for your child involves keeping them happy and healthy. From that healthy diet to ensuring they get enough sleep, there are many ways to encourage healthy living or lifestyle for your kids. In this article, we share some easy ways that might help. 

Encourage healthy diets

Getting your child to love and appreciate healthy foods is one task every parent hopes to succeed in. You might go through a hard time convincing your child that broccoli or steamed spinach is better than a pizza. The truth is most kids would prefer sweet and tasty food over healthy options. This doesn’t mean you give up; the trick is to keep trying to find ways to spice things up. 

For instance, instead of offering your child steamed broccoli, you can top it up with shredded cheddar cheese. Try to make food enjoyable by involving your child in everything food-related. Take them with you to the grocery store, invite them for meal prepping by asking them to choose a healthy dinner recipe, and cooking with them. Allow them to snack on healthy options such as hummus or carrot sticks. By doing this consistently, you get to reinforce healthy eating habits

Help them stay hydrated!

As you might know, some of the most vital functions in our body require us to take water. An inadequate amount of water in your body not only causes constipation but also dehydration affecting our energy levels. Hydration is essential, especially for little ones. Habituate your kids to keep drinking water at frequent intervals to maintain good health. 

Here are some ways to help your kids to drink more water:

  • Infuse your water with flavor by adding fruits like berries and cucumbers
  • Look for a unique drinking cup or glass to entice them
  • Buy tiny water bottles that are easy for kids to hold and drink.
  • Be a water role model!

Teach your child healthy habits

Our kids go through a lot of stressful situations every day. Just like adults, stress and anxiety can harm a kid’s health. You need to be present in your child’s life. Learn and spot symptoms of childhood anxiety and depression that might affect them. It is also best to help your children identify things in their life that they can control and avoid those they can’t. You can also help them learn how to de-stress and deal with situations around them. 

Minimize sugar intake

Did you know that sugar interferes with your body’s immune system? Yes, it binds the antibodies that the immune system needs to fight viruses. This means that if your child is eating a high sugar diet, he/she is likely to fall sick often. In fact, in worst scenarios, prolonged sugar intake may cause sweet tooth ailments like diabetes and tooth decay. 

Ensure they get enough sleep

Sleep is essential for a healthy life; it is even more essential for children. Studies show that depriving kids of enough sleep can affect their cognitive function. Well, babies need huge amounts of sleep since their brains are developing. So do teens because their brains are undergoing big changes. Ensuring your child gets enough sleep promotes the physical and emotional health of your child. This is how much sleep anyone from four months to 18years should be getting according to American Academy for Sleep Medicine. 

  • Babies four to 12 months old should get 12 to 16 hours per 24 hours (including naps) 
  • Children one to two years old, 11 to 14 hours per 24 hours (including naps)  
  • Children three to five, 10 to 13 hours per 24 hours (including naps) 
  • Children six to 12 years old, nine to 12 hours 
  • Teenagers (13 to 18 years old), eight to 10 hours

Learn about common childhood illness

They say that prevention is better than cure. As a parent, you must brace yourself for all seasons. There will be good seasons where your child’s health will be thriving. There will be those days that one look at your child sends shivers to your spine. Many illnesses, including flu, strep throat to lice that can impact your child’s health. Knowing a bit of common ailment and how to care for it will go along away in providing better care. Additionally, as you get acquainted, ensure to educate your child too. Teach them essential tips that can help prevent the possible spreading of illness. They should know why it is crucial to wash their hands properly before meals and after visiting the washrooms. 

Encourage physical activity

There are many reasons as to why you should encourage your children to exercise.   However, you must know that exercising for children is different from that of adults. As you encourage your kids to exercise, you must strive to make the activities as fun as possible. Go through several sports with your kid to find the ones that your child would enjoy. Remember not to pressure them to choose sports they don’t like. According to experts, it is recommended that you allow your kids up to one hour of exercise each day. As you do so, you will positively influence their academic performance. Yes, stats show a positive relationship between activities and test scores.  

Look after their mental health 

It’s also very important to look after your child’s mental health. Encourage them to talk to you about their worries and problems, let them know it’s okay to feel sad or angry sometimes. Help them to practice relaxing activities such as yoga or meditation. There are plenty of fun meditation apps for kids. If your family is going through a divorce, it’s especially important to protect them. When you’re meeting with your family solicitor, make sure that your children are shielded from these activities.

Mental and physical health are connected, so you can also help your child by ensuring that they get enough sleep and a healthy diet.

Wrap up

Keeping your child healthy at a young age will go a long way in enhancing their well-being. In essence, when your child understands the importance of healthy living, they can adopt it and make it a lifestyle. Luckily, you can achieve this by setting a good example. Don’t forget to exercise patience as you teach a healthy culture to your kid.