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Accidents And Injuries In The Workplace In Light Of COVID-19

Accidents And Injuries In The Workplace In Light Of COVID-19

Have you suffered an accident in the workplace? If so, and it was not your fault, you need to take action. However, in this COVID-19 era, it really is important that we all work together to provide a safe and healthy environment. 

It is your employer’s duty, but it’s good to help where you can

It is an employer’s duty to ensure they provide their employees with a safe working environment. Therefore, if an injury arises due to their negligence or error, your employer should take the steps to ensure you have everything you need to recover. If they don’t, you can take action.


However, in a day and age whereby a lot of businesses are struggling and there are many changes that have been made concerning health and safety, we really do all need to work together.

PPE requirements have changed dramatically. Of course, the obvious change is the introduction of PPE face shields. However, further protective equipment may be needed depending on the industry. Reporting requirements regarding health and safety have changed as well. It is a lot to take on, and so if you notice something that does not seem quite right, bring it up with your employer and help them to make the correct steps. 

Types of accidents in the workplace 

There are many accidents that can occur in the workplace. Because of this, a lot of people fail to realise what they should and should not be protected from. 

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is an example of an injury that a lot of people do not realise their employer is responsible for in terms of protecting them. This is when you get pain in your muscles, nerves or tendon because of a repetitive action. This tends to be common for individuals who sit at their desk every day working on the computer. If a medical professional diagnoses you with this injury, it could be because of your working environment. Has your employer been allowing you to take enough breaks?

Let’s take a look at some other examples of workplace accidents…

• Industrial Deafness

• Product Liability

• Health and Safety Issues

• Vibration White Fingers

• Construction Accidents

These are just a handful of examples. As you can see, accidents and injuries vary considerably. While we do need to help our employers in light of COVID-19, this is no excuse for shoddy management of health and safety risks across the board. 

There is no denying that health and safety is a very big subject for businesses at the moment. With the different rules and regulations that have been implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic, working together is key to provide a safe environment. Keep your employers honest, but do so in a helpful way, rather than a judgmental one. At the same time, though, we cannot allow blatant breaches of health and safety, especially when deliberate, to be excused. We all need to work together so we can move forward.