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Beware Of These Potential Security Flaws In Your Business

Beware Of These Potential Security Flaws In Your Business

Now, we are assuming you’re reasonably security-conscious.

You probably have antivirus software installed on your computer systems, and especially if you’re working in business premises outside of your home, you probably have secure storage for your most valuable equipment. If you have suddenly realised that you have done neither, then now might be the time to rectify matters.

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However, there are other security flaws that you may not have considered, and we are going to list them below.

Security Flaw #1: Not knowing who is coming into your building

Do you know the people frequenting your business premises? While you hopefully know who your employees are, you might not always know the people who have dropped by for a visit. Under the pretense that they are friends or family members of your team, they might have entered your business to steal from you, be that your petty cash or items of significant value. They might also be representatives of your business rivals, intruding onto your premises to spy on your operations.

To mitigate the risks above, you need to take security measures. Operating an intercom-based system is a start, so consider investing in such for the doors of your building. You might also give visitors ID cards at the door once you have ascertained who they are, as if you then notice anybody without one later, you will have cause to question their presence in your building.

You should also install security cameras around your building, as if anything does go missing, you should be able to track down the person responsible.

Security Flaw #2: Using easy-to-guess passwords on your computer systems

To protect your customer’s data, you do need to take steps to block access to your computer systems, and the files and folders within. If you don’t, and a hacker or an outside visitor to your premises gains access, then that data will be compromised.

Of course, you understand this, and so you have (hopefully) barricaded your computers and accounts with passwords. That’s excellent news, but are your passwords easily guessable? Have you used your birth date, name of your pet, or a password that you use for every account, be it for work or personal purposes on your computer? If so, then any nefarious miscreant up to no good could crack your codes and gain access to your systems. Disaster will surely follow.

So, if you are guilty of using easy-to-guess passwords, consider using a random password generator instead. This way, even the most skilled hacker will have a hard time trying to gain access to your systems. 

Be sure to take further precautions too, such as not leaving your customer accounts open when leaving your desk, and not writing down your passwords on scraps of paper around your office.


The security of your business is important, as you will suffer damages to both your finances and your reputation if you are negligent in any way. Consider our suggestions then, and if you have been lax in the ways that we have mentioned, take the necessary steps to protect your business from the risk of harm.

Thanks for reading.